9+ Brand Compatible 9 in 1 Fiber Waterproof Connector


  • Multifunctional 9-in-1 fiber waterproof connector
  • Compatible with FTTH, FTTA, and surveillance systems
  • Innovative compatibility and convenience
  • Interchangeable design with 9+ compatible connectors
  • Broad cable diameter support
  • Rapid plug-and-play deployment
  • Robust construction for harsh weather conditions
  • Compact front-mounted connector options


  • FTTH deployments
  • FTTA deployments
  • Fiber to the antenna installations
  • Surveillance systems

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Our innovative 9-in-1 Fiber Waterproof Connector is engineered to meet the rapid and straightforward deployment needs of FTTH networks.

With a focus on multifunctionality, the LNK Waterproof Hardened Connector deliver consistent connections for a broad range of network providers.

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  • FTTx Deployments: Ideal for creating robust, water-resistant connections in fiber to the home, building, or curb applications.
  • FTTA Deployments: Perfect for fiber to the antenna installations, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor environments.
  • Surveillance Systems: Offers secure and durable connections critical for the integrity of surveillance system networks.


  • Innovative Compatibility and Convenience: Our waterproof connector is versatile, accommodating a wide array of network requirements with its interchangeable components.
  • Interchangeable Design: Featuring 9+ compatible hardened connectors, this product ensures seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Broad Cable Diameter Support: Suitable for various cable dimensions, including flat 2x5mm, R3mm, and R5mm, ensuring a perfect fit for different fiber cable sizes.
  • Rapid Deployment: Quick and efficient installations are achievable with the plug-and-play design, significantly reducing setup time.
  • Robust Construction: Engineered for durability, the connector is wind and rain resistant, ensuring continual performance despite harsh weather conditions.
  • Compact Front-Mounted Connector Options: Streamlined design for easy handling and installation in tight spaces.

waterproof connector

Our Fiber Waterproof Connector streamline the installation process, significantly cutting down on labor costs and installation time, while enhancing the return on investment for network providers.

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