OEM 12 Cores Sc Upc ABS Fiber Patch Panel

Product Description

FIBCONET offers wall-mounted and rack-mounted fiber optic patch panels for managing fiber optic cables. These panels are integrated units designed to secure and protect the cables inside the box, providing efficient fiber management solutions.


  • Standard size, lightweight, and reasonable structure
  • Splice tray inside changeable
  • 19-inch standard size, light in weight, and robust structure
  • Suitable for ribbon and single fiber
  • Various panel plates to fit different adapter interface
  • Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation


  • Telecommunications subscriber loop
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)
  • CATV System

Additional information

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

1. Why Use Fiber Patch Panel

The last 20 years have seen a fast expansion of the fiber optic communications sector. Its primary application in the beginning was for backhaul connections between sizable ISPs.
How to Install Fiber Patch Panel

However, fiber is now widely utilized and accessible practically everywhere. It’s presumably on the phone poles outside your house, in your business, and possibly even inside. A broad variety of fiber optic patch panels have been created to meet the different requirements of these various situations as a result of the expansion of the fiber industry.

2. The Benefits of Using Fiber Patch Panels

  • Allows for the simple termination of fiber optic cables
  • Well-organized and simple-to-manage connections of all input jacks/ports into a central fiber patch panel
  • Makes it easier to connect multiple devices in different orders because all adjustments can change at the fiber patch panel
  • Saves money on wear and tear on networking equipment input ports because fiber patch panel ports patch all connections

3. How to Customize Optical Patch Panel

When customising a fibre optic patch panel, we need to consider the following points:

1. The amount of fiber optic cable left over

We should give more consideration to the remaining amount of optical cable, so as to protect the fiber strength film present in the chassis of the fiber optic distribution frame.

This will be able to better prevent the optical fibres from being ripped out of the fibre optic distribution frame by external forces, and also to avoid the cables being subjected to excessive pressure.

2. The applicability of the optical fiber optic patch panel

The fiber optic patch panel you buy must be able to identify the optical fiber in the backbone cable, such as LC-type fiber optic distribution frame can be suitable for duplex LC/simplex SC fiber patch cord, which improves the applicability of the product.

Fiber Patch Panel

3. The structure of patch panel

Fiber optic patch panel is generally divided into three types, wall-mounted, cabinet and rack type.
Wall-mounted for the box structure, suitable for a small number of optical fiber places; cabinet type for closed structure, can accommodate a fixed number of optical fiber, beautiful appearance;
rack type modular design, users can choose different modules according to their actual situation, assembled in the rack, is a form of great potential for development.

4. Material of patch panel

Fiber optic patch panel should try to choose aluminum as the main material, more solid and beautiful.
The external colour should be similar to other facilities in the server room to ensure the overall beauty of the server room.

4. Our Manufacturing Services

Product name Optical fiber Splicing tray Product Model 12 Core SC/UPC
Port 12 Product Size 300*180*25 mm
Material ABS G.weight 0.5kg
Application 1. Adapter: SC/UPC-SC/UPC 12 pcs IL≤0.2dB
2. Fiber pigtail: SC/UPC SM 1m 0.9mm 12 pcs IL≤ 0.3dB



Ord Infomation

Model NO.:Patch Panel
Adapter:Sc Upc
G. Weigh:1.5kg
Number of Fiber:12 Cores
Transport Package:Carton
Specification:300*180*25 mm
Origin:Ningbo, China
HS Code:851770900
Production Capacity:10, 000 PCS Per Month

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