Anti-UV 16 Ports PC+ABS Fiber Distribution Box


  • UV resistance
  • Cable compatibility (8mm to 13mm)
  • Connectivity options (cord cable, patch cord, drop fiber)
  • Ease of maintenance and capacity expansion
  • Fiber bend radius (more than 30mm)


  • FTTH networks
  • Telecommunications
  • CATV systems
  • Data communications
  • Local area networks

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Introducing the FSP-P-16N-D Fiber Distribution Box, a pivotal element in constructing a versatile and robust FTTx communication network.

This high-quality terminal point is engineered to facilitate seamless connections between feeder and drop cables within your network infrastructure.

It’s meticulously designed to ensure efficient fiber splicing and distribution while offering superior protection and management for your network.

Key Specifications

  • UV Resistance: The FSP-P-16N-D box is built with materials that are resistant to ultraviolet degradation, ensuring long-term durability under solar exposure.
  • Cable Compatibility: Accommodates a wide range of cable diameters from 8mm to 13mm, providing versatility for different cable types.
  • Connectivity Options: Supports cord cable, patch cord, and drop fiber outputs, ensuring compatibility with various connection methods.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed for ease of maintenance and capacity expansion, making network upgrades simple and hassle-free.
  • Fiber Bend Radius: Guarantees a fiber bend radius of more than 30mm, protecting fibers from bending-related damages and signal loss.

Configuration Table


  • FTTH Networks: Ideal for last-mile fiber connectivity in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.
  • Telecommunications: A critical component for modern telecommunication infrastructures.
  • CATV Systems: Suitable for cable television networks, ensuring reliable signal distribution.
  • Data Communications: Enhances data network structures with efficient fiber management.
  • Local Area Networks: Perfect for LAN deployments that require secure and organized fiber distribution.


Why Choose the FSP-P-16N-D Fiber Distribution Box

This compact, user-friendly fiber distribution box requires no additional accessories for pole mounting or wall installations, thanks to its integrated flange docking area.

It can host a 1×16 core splitter or two 1×8 mini tube splitters.

The design includes a splice tray and a branch cable port for comprehensive fiber management.

Priced at approximately $33, depending on quantity, this fiber distribution box offers excellent value for its features and quality.

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Wall-mounted Installation:

  1. Drill four holes in the wall as per the provided installation dimensions.
  2. Insert the expansion bolts into the drilled holes.
  3. Align the mounting plate with the holes and secure it using bolts.
  4. Attach the fiber distribution box to the mounting plate with screws from inside the box for a clean finish.

wall mount installation

Pole-mounted Installation:

  1. Secure the box onto a telecom pole using a set of hose clamps for a stable and reliable installation.

telecom pole installation

The FSP-P-16N-D Fiber Distribution Box stands out as the go-to choice for ensuring a well-protected, easily manageable, and highly scalable FTTx network.

Opt for this fiber distribution box to streamline your network’s fiber distribution and ensure top-notch performance.

The Price Now is lower than $7! 

Ord Infomation

 Model FSP-P-16N-D
Installation Method Wall Mounted/Pole Mounted
Color Black/Gray
Material PC+ABS
Capacity Of Splicing 32 Cores
Adapter Capacity 16 Ports
Adapter Type SC
IP Grade IP 65
Size: H×W×D (mm)  (Pic 1) 253×198×100 (MM)

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