Class C+++ GPON SFP OLT Transceiver


  • SFP format with SC/PC connector
  • 1490 nm DFB laser transmitter with isolator
  • 1310 nm APD receiver
  • Digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM)
  • High-speed transmission
  • RX fast burst mode detection
  • Fast RSSI function
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Class C+++ link budget
  • ITU-T G984.2 Amendment 1 compliance
  • RoHS directive compliance


  • GPON OLT Class C+++
  • FTTx deployments

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The Class C+++ GPON SFP OLT Transceiver is a cutting-edge optical module designed to excel in GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) applications.

It had already hot sale in the demanding and emerging Southeast Asian markets.

Fibconet’s competitive edge in offering these modules at a cost-effective price point of $12 USD per unit – compared to the usual $14 USD per unit.

It is also an attractive proposition for deployments focusing on the Indian market, where the demand typically ranges around 9db, following by 7 to 8db products.

Product Performance

Class C+++ represents the pinnacle of optical modules used in GPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) systems.

Standard optical modules typically deliver an optical power of 35db with a transmission distance of 10KM.

In contrast, our GPON Class C+++ SFP OLT Transceiver boasts an impressive maximum optical power of up to 9db and an extended transmission distance of up to 20KM.

Additionally, it features Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) capabilities, enabling real-time monitoring of the module’s operational status, essential for network administrators.

production drawing


  • SFP Format with SC/PC Connector: Ensures compatibility with a wide range of optical network infrastructures.
  • 1490 nm DFB Laser Transmitter with Isolator: Guarantees stable and efficient upstream signaling.
  • 1310 nm APD Receiver: Provides high sensitivity for improved signal quality on downstream communications.
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring: Compliant with the SFF-8472 standard for real-time tracking of module performance.
  • High-Speed Transmission: Supports 2488 Mbps for continuous mode transmission and 1244 Mbps for burst mode reception.
  • RX Fast Burst Mode Detection: Enhances the receiver’s ability to handle bursty traffic efficiently.
  • Fast RSSI Function: Offers rapid received signal strength indication for better network optimization.
  • Operational Temperature Range: Available in standard (0 to 70°C) and industrial (-40 to 85°C) variants to suit different environmental conditions.
  • Class C+++ Link Budget: Provides greater power and sensitivity, ensuring reliable long-distance connections.
  • ITU-T G984.2 Amendment 1 Compliance: Meets the latest standards for GPON networks.
  • RoHS Directive Compliance: Adheres to restrictions on hazardous substances for environmental and user safety.


The GPON Class C+++ SFP OLT Transceiver is ideally suited for the following applications:

  • GPON OLT Class C+++: Perfect for extending the reach of gigabit-capable passive optical networks.
  • FTTx: An excellent choice for fiber-to-the-x deployments where distance and signal quality are critical.

Gpon SFP OLT Function Diagram

gpon sfp olt function diagram

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SFP OLT Transceiver packing

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