Data Center 19 Inch Standard Rack MPO Patch Panel


  • Modular high-capacity design
  • Standard rack compatibility
  • Durable construction
  • Flexible configuration
  • Efficient access and management


  • Data center machine rooms
  • Optical fiber distribution frames
  • LANs
  • Fiber channels

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Optimize your network infrastructure with our MPO Patch Panel, designed specifically for demanding business applications in data centers, optical fiber systems, and LAN configurations.

Key Product Features

Modular High-Capacity Design: Our MPO Patch Panel is precision-engineered to fit in a 1U space. Capable of accommodating up to 12 module boxes, each with a capacity of 144 cores. This design ensures a high-density setup ideal for modern network requirements.

Standard Rack Compatibility: Designed for 19-inch racks, the panel integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, complete with a front cable rack and a secure door buckle for organized and safe cable management.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality aluminum alloy.The panel guarantees durability and protection against physical and environmental hazards, ensuring long-term reliability.

Flexible Configuration: With a removable fixed panel, our system allows for easy installation or replacement of module boxes and adapter panel strips, facilitating quick upgrades and maintenance.

Efficient Access and Management: The guide rail drawer design allows for smooth pull-out access to each layer. It can hold up to 4 module boxes, simplifying network management tasks.


Data Center Machine Rooms: Maximize space and efficiency in data center environments where performance and scalability are critical.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frames: Organize and protect your fiber connections effectively, enhancing system reliability and ease of maintenance.

LANs: Support high-traffic LAN setups in corporate and educational environments with a robust and scalable networking foundation.

Fiber Channels: Ensure reliable, high-speed data transmission essential for storage area networks and critical business operations.

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