Duplex Double Tube Spiral Armored Cable


Duplex Double Tube Spiral Armored Cable, 900μm or 600μm tight buffer fibers are wrapped a layer of flat stainless steel wires and then add a layer of aramid yarn as strength unit, finally into figure 8 shape fiber optic cable with PVC or LSZH sheath.



  • All kinds of connector
  • Fiber optic pigtails, patch cords
  • Fiber optic equipment ,fiber optic patch panel,fiber to the desk,etc
  • Fiber optic equipment and instrument
  • Indoor cabling,building cabling,LAN, etc
  • Long distance, outdoor/indoor cabling, trunking,etc
  • Backbone network to the equipment in the building
  • Small installation space cabling


  • Multi-fiber armored optical fiber cable has a layer of stainless steel wires that enhance the crush resistance of the cable and anti-rodent
  • High strength aramid yarn, the high-performance outer sheath
  • Lightweight, flexibility, and friendly installation
  • Good mechanical and environmental performance
  • Flame retardant outer sheath provides good safety

Additional information

Get The Files Related to This Product

Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Cable Type Tight Diameter Cable Diameter Cable Weight Tensile Strength   Long/Short Term Crush Resistance    Long/Short Term
     mm      mm      Kg/km      N      N/100m
GJSFJBV 0.6 2.0*4.1 30 300/750 200/1000
GJSFJBV 0.6 2.8*5.7 35 300/750 200/1000
GJSFJBV 0.9 3.0*6.1 43 300/750 200/1000

Ord Infomation

Module xxx xx X X
YD- cores Fiber model Sheath Material Fiber type
(model) 001=1 SM=9/125um 1=PU 1=G652D
002=2 2=LSZH 2=G655
004=4 3=PVC 3=G657A1
006=6 4=PE 4=G657B3
008=8 5=else 5=OM1
012=12 MM=62.5/125um 6=OM2
016=16 MM=50/125um 7=OM3
024=24 8=OM4
048=48 9=OM5
……. …….

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