Easy Install Wall Mounted Network Cabinet IP20


This cabinet is specifically designed to accommodate up to 12 rack units of active and passive equipment,

providing secure and organized storage for your EIA-standard 19-inch rack equipment.


  • The top, back, and bottom strips can be detachable, with easy wiring.
  • Quickly disassemble the side door without tools.
  • Wall hanging. Landing two types of installation options.
  • Protection level: IP20.
  • In line with European RoHS standards.
  • The front door can be interchanged from left to back, and the opening Angle is 180°, which is convenient for equipment
    installation and maintenance.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Our innovative network cabinet supports both wall-mounted and floor-standing installations.

Widely used in data centers and FTTX scenarios, this cabinet offers excellent versatility and convenience for seamless deployment.

Why Choose Fibconet Network Cabinet

wall mount network cabinet

Easy Assembly

Our network cabinet features a modular design with detachable strip panels on the top, back and bottom. This allows for effortless wiring and construction, streamlining your installation process.

Tool-Free Side Panel Removal

The side panels of the cabinet can be easily removed without the need for tools, providing hassle-free access for end-users. This user-friendly feature ensures effortless maintenance and accessibility.

IP20 Protection Level

With an IP20 protection rating, our cabinet meets the requirements for indoor environments, ensuring reliable performance and safeguarding your equipment.

RoHS Compliant

We adhere to European RoHS standards, guaranteeing the quality and environmental friendliness of our product.

Customized Design for Enhanced Convenience

Our network cabinet embodies a customer-centric design philosophy, offering customizable features to meet your specific requirements.

Interchangeable Front Doors

network cabinet

The front door of the cabinet can easily interchange from left to right, providing flexibility and convenience during equipment installation and maintenance.

Wide Opening Angle

The front door opens up to 180°, allowing for easy access and hassle-free equipment installation and maintenance.

Ord Infomation

No. of Rack Spaces 12U Dimensions (HxWxD) 600*600*650mm
Minimum depth 22″(558.5mm) Mounting depth 20″(508mm)
Material SPCC Color White
Maximum load capacity 70kg Thickness 1.5mm

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