Fiber Optic FTTH 6480B OTDR


The 6420B Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a versatile device used for measuring various parameters of optical fibers.

It features a 7-inch touch screen with integrated functions such as automatic OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, optical power meter (OPM), visual fault locator (VFL) and stable light source (LS).


  1. The 7-inch ultra-large touch screen is incredibly smooth and flawless.
  2. With a dynamic range of 28dB, it can easily test optical fiber lines up to 80km.
  3. The 3m ultra-short event blind zone breaks through the price barrier.
  4. With one-button automatic testing, automatic parameter configuration, and automatic event analysis, fault events can be easily viewed.
  5. The automatic eye diagram map and graphical display of fault events provide clear and visible fault information.
  6. The integration of various functions such as optical power meter, red light and stable light source provides support for your engineering operations.
  7. With optical testing, it’s easy to handle fiber-to-the-home scenarios and test fiber optic line faults easily.
  8. With a high-capacity 4600mAh battery, it has a long battery life to meet your day-long work needs.

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Product Details

 1. What is OTDR

OTDR features a 7-inch touch screen with integrated functions such as:

  • Automatic OTDR
  • Expert OTDR
  • Event map
  • Optical power meter (OPM)
  • Visual fault locator (VFL)
  • Stable light source (LS).

The OTDR has a maximum dynamic range of 28dB and can accurately test up to 100km. Its minimum event blind zone is 3m, attenuation blind zone is 8m, and it supports a maximum sampling resolution of 2.5cm with up to 256k sample points.

The 6420B has a 4600mAh high-density polymer lithium battery that supports intelligent power management, charging through a power bank and charging while in use.

With the 6420B OTDR, you can easily measure the length, loss, and splicing quality of different types of optical fibers and cables. Its intuitive touch screen interface and comprehensive functions make it an ideal tool for engineers and technicians in the telecommunications industry.

Whether you are working on the construction of optical fiber networks or performing maintenance tasks, the 6420B OTDR is a reliable and accurate device that can help you get the job done efficiently.

  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH)
  • Metropolitan area networks
  • Backbone network construction
  • Line maintenance
  • Emergency testing
  • Fiber optic cable research and production measurement

2. OTDR Fast Automatic Test Function

The automatic testing function of the instrument eliminates the need for users to understand more about the operation details of the device.

Testing steps become very simple:

  1. Enter the automatic testing module
  2. Connect the fiber to the corresponding OTDR port
  3. Click the “Test” button.

The device will automatically set the corresponding testing conditions and provide the test results, including testing curves and event lists.


3. Automatic Optical Power Monitoring and Alarm Function

The 6420B features an automatic optical power monitoring and alarm function to protect the device during testing.

When testing the fiber link with the OTDR, communication light signals in the fiber can cause inaccurate test results and even irreparable damage to the detector inside the instrument

The 6420B can automatically monitor communication light signals in tested fiber and provide timely protection.

Once the fiber connects to the product’s optical interface, the device will automatically detect and monitor the fiber for communication light signals during the testing phase.

If it detects a light signal, the device will promptly provide an alarm message to ensure the safety of the instrument.

4. Technical Parameters

Project 6420B
Dimensions 177mm×109mm×37mm (L×W×H) (excluding rubber)
Weight Approximately 0.8kg (including battery)
Wavelength 1310/1550±20nm
Maximum Dynamic Range 28dB
Event Blind Zone 3m
Attenuation Blind Zone 8m
Distance Measurement Accuracy (m) ±(0.75m + distance × 0.0025% + sampling interval) (excluding refractive index error)
Distance Measurement Resolution (m) 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
Test Range (km) 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512
Test Pulse Width (ns) 5, 10, 30, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 5120, 10240, 20480
Maximum Sampling Points 256k
Linearity (dB/dB) 0.03
Loss Resolution (dB) 0.001
Refractive Index Setting Range 1.00000~1.99999 (step size 0.00001)
Distance Units Kilometers, meters, kilometers-feet, feet
Display 800×480, 7-inch TFT color LCD (capacitive touch screen)
Fiber Output Interface FC/UPC (standard, optional SC/UPC)
Interface Language Simplified Chinese, English (other languages can be obtained by contacting the office)
External Interface USB Type C, Micro SD


AC/DC Adapter Input: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz Output: DC/5V/2A
Internal Lithium Battery 3.7V, 4600mAh
Battery Working Time High brightness, standby ≥6h


Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature 0℃~+40℃ (battery charging: 5℃~40℃)
Storage Temperature -20℃~+60℃ (battery: -20℃~60℃)
Relative Humidity 5%~95%, no condensation

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