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In the FTTx communication network system, the fiber optical distribution box serves as a termination point for the feeder cable, which connects to the drop cable. This box can use in fiber splicing, splitting and distribution, while also provide solid protection and management for the FTTx network construction.

Fibconet offers high-quality wholesale distribution box customization services. We have 16 years of experience in the production and development of distribution boxes and strict quality control requirements that would surely satisfy customers


·  Splice and patch cord use separation stucture easy to Capacity expansion and maintence;
·  High quality plastic, Beautiful appearance ;
·  Internal turnover structure, easy to maintenance;
·  Can install tube type splitter;
·  Could exit 16 pcs of drop cable;
·  Protection levels : IP55


· Widely used in FTTX access networks.
· Telecommunication Networks
· CATV networks
· Local Area Networks

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1. How to Choose fiber optic distribution box

1.Full-loaded or unloaded?: Depending on the configuration required, the loaded one includes adapters, pigtails, or splitters. Additionally, having everything in one location with a single reference is advantageous.

2.Capacity:With all of these accessories being individually selectable in terms of quantity, quality, and kind, the fiber distribution box is now more adaptable to the unique requirements of the installation.The FDB’s core count increases from 4 to 24, 48, or even more if necessary.We must take into account the number of optical cable inlets and outlets that the box permits as well as the section of the cables that will be running through those inlets and outlets, which are located in the bottom of the box to assist keep it watertight.

3.Environment: It can be a rack panel for a cabinet, an interior wall-mounted box, or even an outdoor wall- or pole-mounted box, in which case the minimum IP for outdoor boxes must be IP65.

4.Material: An outdoor fiber distribution box’s substance is also crucial. Standard materials include PP, ABS, ABS+PC, and SMC. The density of each material varies to increase impact resistance, temperature resistance, and flame resistance. The four materials listed below are ranked from worst to best in terms of quality. The most popular materials for typical settings are ABS and SMC, respectively.

2. Signification

Item 4 port 6 port 8 port 12 port 24 port
Dimension(L X W X H) 265*130*40 265*130*40 265*130*40 485*200*40 mm 485*200*40 mm
Weight 0.7kg 0.7kg 0.7kg 1.5kg 1.5kg
Lateral pressure-resistance 500N 500N 500N 500N 500N
Shock-resistance  750N 750N 750N 750N 750N
Working temperature -40°C ~ +80°C -40°C ~ +80°C 40°C ~ +80°C -40°C ~ +80°C -40°C ~ +80°C
Max capacity 8 fibers 8 fibers 8 fibers 12 fibers 24 fibers


3. Material of fiber distribution box

Now,the materials used in the mainstream fiber distribution boxes are: SMC, ABS+PC, ABS and PP. The quality of the four materials ranges from good to bad and the cost from high to low.

These materials are characterised by light weight, good formability and excellent insulation properties and are suitable for indoor environments and more gentle use scenarios.

When choosing the material of the fibre optic distribution box, it needs to be selected according to the actual use environment and needs.

For example, in the outdoor environment, you need to choose the corrosion-resistant, waterproof and dustproof metal, while in the indoor environment, you can choose the beautiful appearance, light weight plastic material.

The most cost effective of the four materials is ABS+PC, which is able to meet most of the material requirements of fibre optic distribution boxes at a moderate cost.

4. Fiber Distribution Box Manufacturer Services

Fibconet is a great option for all of your fiber distribution box needs. To house and safeguard the various numbers of simplex or duplex adapters that you want for FTTH, FTTB, or FTTC, we’ve created outdoor fiber optic distribution box.

You may easily split your bulk fiber into up to 16 different run locations by plugging your SC or LC adapters into an outside fiber enclosure while simultaneously protecting your network connection.

fiber distribution box

You’ll spend less time and money installing and maintaining your Outdoor Fiber Box if you have the correct tools. With Fibconet’s extensive range of Fiber Tools and Fiber Optic Testers, you can be certain that you are ready for your upcoming fiber optic cable installation project.


4. Packing Sample

fiber distribution box sample

Ord Infomation

Configuration Table

Model FSDB-16N-S
Installation Method Wall Mounted
Color Black/Gray
Material PC+ABS
Capacity Of Splicing 2*8 Cores
Splitter Type Insertion module Type PLC
Capacity Splitter 2 Slot (1:8 2Pcs , 1:16 1PCS)
IP Grade IP 65
Size: H×W×D (mm) 253×198×100 (MM)

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