Fiber Optic ADSS 48 Cores OPGW Splice Closure


  • High mechanical strength and superior seal
  • Alloy shell with electrophoretic treatment
  • O-ring and silicone gel sealing
  • Adjustable cable clamping
  • High fiber capacity
  • Reusability and maintenance


  • Power utility networks
  • Overhead poles and towers
  • Fiber optic infrastructure in electrical environments

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Product Details

The OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) splice closure is a specialized device to protect and connect optical fibers within power utility networks.

It accommodates both straight-through and branching connections, supporting up to six optical cables at a time.

Suitable for mounting on overhead poles and towers, this splice closure is an integral component for maintaining robust and reliable optical network communications in electrical infrastructure environments.

Key Features of the OPGW Splice Closure

High Mechanical Strength and Superior Seal

The OPGW splice closure boasts high mechanical strength, crucial for enduring the harsh conditions typically found in power utility settings.

It features an alloy shell that undergoes electrophoretic treatment, enhancing corrosion resistance and overall durability.

The closure is sealed with O-rings and silicone gel, ensuring excellent sealing performance that protects the internal components from environmental factors.

Adjustable Cable Clamping and High Fiber Capacity

This splice closure uses adjustable diameter cushion rings for clamping the optical cables, preventing damage such as pinching.

It holds up to 144 fibers, with a storage disk capacity of 48 cores, allowing substantial flexibility in fiber management.

The design ensures that fibers are securely held while minimizing any potential risks of mechanical stress.

Reusability and Maintenance

The closure is designed for ease of access and can be repeatedly opened for expansion, maintenance, reconnection, or other necessary adjustments without needing to replace the sealing components. This feature significantly enhances the longevity and usability of the splice closure in dynamic utility environments.

Applications of the OPGW Splice Closure

Versatile Installation

The OPGW splice closure supports mount on different parts of iron towers and poles.

It uses stainless steel straps for secure and straightforward installation, accommodating various pole diameters and positions.

This flexibility is essential for utility networks that require a reliable fiber optic infrastructure across diverse geographical and structural environments.

Ord Infomation

Technical Specifications

Fiber Bend Radius: ≥47mm
Reserved Fiber Length: ≥15m
Additional Fiber Attenuation: ≤0.01db
Maximum Fiber Capacity: up to 144 cores
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 80°C
Pressure Resistance: ≥2000N
Dimensions: 470mm x 200mm
Weight: 6.2 KG

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