Fiber Optic Distrubution Box


It’s a perfect cost-effective solution-provider in the FTTX networks



  • Splice and patch cord use separation stucture easy to Capacity expansion and maintence;
  • High quality plastic, Beautiful appearance ;
  • Internal turnover structure, easy to maintenance;
  • Can install tube type splitter;
  • Could exit 16 pcs of drop cable;
  • Protection levels : IP55

Additional information

Product Details

Operation Conditions Working environment
Working temperature  -40℃~+60℃
Store temperature  -25℃~+55℃
Humidity : ≤85% (+30℃)
Relative humidity  70kPa ~106kPa̓

Ord Infomation

Model XXX X X
YD- Splice Tray Material Color
PTB=Distribution Box 08=1*8 1=ABS+PC W=White
12=1*12 2=PC 0=Grey
16=1*16 3=ABS B=Black
24=1*24 4=PP

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