Fiber Assembly Kits Part LC Uniboot Connector


  1. Compliant with TIA-568-B.3 performance requirements;
  2. Terminable with commonly available tools;
  3. Fiber compatibility:9/125 singlemode,62.5/125 and 50/125 multimode;
  4. Lower insertion loss;
  5. High return loss;
  6. Less Cable Count to Cut Space Requirements;
  7. Easier Polarity Reversal to Increase Efficiency.
  • Data Centers
  • Local Area Networks
  • High-Density Applications
  • Interconnects
  • Cross-connects

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The LC Uniboot connector is a cutting-edge innovation designed to address the challenges of high-density fiber cabling.

With its compact size and unique features, this connector offers a space-saving and efficient solution for fiber connectivity.

Compact Design for Space Optimization:

The product features a double fiber, single tube and one tail sleeve design, eliminating the need for a double chain line.

This compact construction allows for a significant reduction in cable infrastructure space compared to traditional duplex connectors.

With it you can optimize space utilization in data centers, equipment rooms and other high-density environments.

lc uniboot connector

Switchable Polarity for Enhanced Flexibility:

One of the standout features of the LC Uniboot connector is its switchable polarity capability.

By simply maneuvering the connectors, the polarity of the optical fibers can easily reverse without the need for special tools.

This flexibility simplifies installation and maintenance, allowing for quick adjustments and polarity changes whenever needed.

lc uniboot connector

Superior Performance and Compatibility:

The LC Uniboot connector maintains superior performance and compatibility with industry standards.

It utilizes tightly tolerant ceramic ferrules to ensure consistent low-loss connectivity and ease of termination.

These connectors are fully intermateable with standard LC licensed products, ensuring seamless integration into existing fiber networks.

lc uniboot connector

Wide Range of Fiber Types:

To cater to diverse connectivity requirements, the LC Uniboot connector is available in various fiber types, including single-mode (9/125), OM3 multimode (50/125), and OM4 multimode (50/125).

This versatility allows you to choose the appropriate fiber type based on the specific needs of your network infrastructure.

lc uniboot connector installation


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