All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable


All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable is loose tube stranded. 200um or 250um fiber , is positioned into a loose tube which made of high modulus plastics. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around a FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) as a non-metallic central strength member into a compact and circular cable core. After the cable core is filled with filling compound. it is covered with thin PE (polyethylene) inner sheath. After stranded layer of aramid yarns are applied over the inner sheath as strength member, the cable is completed with PE or AT (anti-tracking) outer sheath.



  • The actual status of overhead power lines is taken into full consideration when ADSS cable is being designed. For overhead power lines 10kv and 35kv, PE outer sheath is applied
  • FOR power lines 110kV and 220KV, AT outer sheath is applied
  • The dedicate design of aramid quantity and stranding process can satisfy the demand on various spans


  • Precise optical fiber length control, ensure that the cable in the design load optical fiber does not force.
  • Precise control of aramid fiber pay-off tension and twisted pitch, improve the fiber optic cable tensile resistance.
  • Reasonable production process makes the outer sheath, aramid fiber, combined closely with the cable conductor, cable structure more compact.
  • Use electric mark excellent material, fiber in high induction electric potential under the environment of more security.

Additional information

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Item Unite Parameter
Fiber No. 12
Cable Diameter mm 12.0±0.2
Cable Weight Kg/ Km 120±10
Outer Sheath Thickness mm 1.9±0.1
Inner Sheath Diameter mm 7.9±0.1
Loose Tube Diameter mm 2.0±0.1
Fiber No./Tube 6
Loose Tube No. 2
Filler No. 4
FRP Diameter mm 2.0±0.1

Ord Infomation

Module xxx xx X X
YD- cores Fiber model Sheath Material Fiber type
(model) 001=1 SM=9/125um 1=PU 1=G652D
002=2 2=LSZH 2=G655
004=4 3=PVC 3=G657A1
006=6 4=PE 4=G657B3
008=8 5=else 5=OM1
012=12 MM=62.5/125um 6=OM2
016=16 MM=50/125um 7=OM3
024=24 8=OM4
048=48 9=OM5
……. …….

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