5g Fiber Optic Waterproof Splice Closure FAT Box

Product Description
FTTX Enclosure is a new cost-effective outdoor fiber optic solution. Compared with traditional products, the FTTX chassis is easy to use and has strong compatibility. Depending on the specific situation, it can be installed on the wall, antenna, or placed underwater. FTTX enclosures are not only used in the FTTH field but also in FTTA or other harsh environments.

1). High-quality PC, ABS, PPR material optional, can ensure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion, and strong temperature changes.
2). Solid structure, perfect outline, thunder, erosion, and adding resistance.
3). Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure, can be opened after sealing and can be reused.
4). Well water and dustproof, unique grounding device to ensure the sealing performance, convenient for installation.
5). The splice closure has a wide application range, with good sealing performance, easy installation, produced with high strength engineering plastic housing, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high mechanical strength, and so on.

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Product Details

The FATD-0010R isFiber Access Terminal (FAT) Box that facilitates seamless connections within FTTx network systems.

It functions as a terminal point for 1 x ISP cable, bridging the gap between 1 x OSP cable and 8 x drop cables, serving up to 8 subscribers.

This robust enclosure expertly combines fiber splicing, branching, storage, and cable management in one protective unit.

Making it an indispensable component for modern fiber optic networks.

fat box solution

Key Features

  • Premium Material: The housing of the FAT box is constructed from industrial-grade PC+ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • UV Resistance: Optimized for outdoor applications, the box exhibits excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, preventing material degradation over time.
  • Ease of Installation: Engineered for plug-and-play installation, it allows for effortless maintenance and future network expansions.
  • Enhanced Adapters: Equipped with 10 reinforced adapters, it is ready for incoming cables with reinforced connectors.
  • High Impact Resistance: With an impact rating of IK10, this FAT box withstand severe environmental conditions without compromising integrity.
  • Compact Triple-Play Design: Meticulously designed to incorporate distribution, splicing, and splitting in a unified, space-saving form factor.
  • PLC Splitter Accommodation: Configured to house 1:2 and 1:8 PLC optical splitters, enhancing the functionality for diverse network architectures.
  • Protection Grade: Boasts an IP67 rating, providing superior protection against dust ingress and water immersion.
  • Two-Tier Splitting Design: Features a dual-layered branching architecture with a pre-connected 1:2 PLC splitter leading to a 1:8 PLC splitter input.

fat box installation

fat box installation

Standard Accessories

Included with the FATD-0010R are wall-mounting kits, fiber protection sleeves, cable protection tubes, and 10 x enhanced adapters for SC/APC or SC/UPC (pre-installed), ensuring you have everything needed for immediate deployment.

fat box

Optional Accessories

For additional mounting flexibility, pole-mounting kits are available to meet various installation requirements.

fat box

Ord Infomation

Features and Benefits
Close Watertight Separator Close *High Compatibility: Can be assembled with ODVA, Hconn, Mini SC, PTLC, PTMPO, or power supply *Factory sealed or field assembled * Strong enough: long-term work under 1200N pulling force. *From 2 to 12 ports for single or multi-fiber rugged connectors *SPS or splice closure for fiber splitting available. *Wall mount, antenna mount, or armrest mount Reduced corner area and height to ensure no connectors interfere with operation *Conforms to IEC 61753-1. Fiber Optic Enclosures Outdoor Splice Enclosures Waterproof Wall Mounted Splice Enclosures

fat box application

Usage Telephone, Computer, Workstation, Server, Mobile phone, Laptop
Type Wired
Support Network 5G
Information Content Data
Certification CE, RoHS
Condition New

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