Fiber Optical Micro Air Blown Cable


  • Efficient installation with compressed air
  • High fiber density and small diameter
  • Scalable network expansion
  • Minimized fiber wastage
  • Flexible branching
  • Weather and environmental resistance


  • FTTH deployments
  • Access networks

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Product Details

Discover the cutting-edge technology of Micro Air Blown Cable, a pivotal innovation in the telecommunications industry that Fibconet proudly offers to the market.

Our micro air blown cable solutions are currently in high demand across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region, known for their quality and cost-efficiency.

Here, we delve into the features and benefits that make air blown fiber an optimal choice for modern network infrastructures.

Advantages of Micro Air Blown Cable Technology

Efficient Installation

Air blown fiber technology leverages compressed air to install optical cables into microducts with remarkable speed, significantly reducing the labor and costs associated with traditional cable deployment methods.

High Fiber Density and Small Diameter

With its compact design, the micro air blown cable boasts a high fiber count in a small diameter, allowing installation into smaller microducts, enhancing the utilization of existing duct space.

air blown micro cable

Scalable Network Expansion

Our micro air blown cables facilitate phased network expansion. Providers can initially deploy cables with adequate capacity. And incrementally add more fibers based on evolving service demands without over-investing upfront, optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Minimized Fiber Wastage

By allowing additional cables to be blown into subducts within existing infrastructure as required. This technology prevents the redundancy of unused fibers, ensuring every strand put to use.

Flexible Branching

The system supports on-demand fiber branching, using Y-type connectors to reduce the number of splices. It benefits signal integrity and enhances transmission performance.

air blown micro cable

Weather and Environmental Resistance

Installation is less susceptible to external climatic conditions and confined space challenges. Thanks to the swift and long-distance blowing capabilities that significantly shorten construction periods.

Application Scenarios

  • FTTH Deployments: Ideal for fiber-to-the-home projects, our micro air blown cables ensure fast, flexible, and future-proof network installations.
  • Access Networks: The technology supports the evolving needs of access networks, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution for bandwidth expansion.

Fibconet’s Commitment

At Fibconet, we are delivering high-quality micro air blown cable solutions that offer not just exceptional performance but also a practical approach to infrastructure investment and growth.

Our offerings are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s telecommunication challenges, simplifying installations, and maximizing fiber utilization.

For more information on our micro air blown cable products and to take advantage of our competitive pricing, contact Fibconet now!

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