FTTH Wall Mounted Optical ODF


ODF is mainly used for cable inlet, grounding and fixing and the splicing between the terminal end and pigtail. Users can select unit or ring flange amount according to their practical needs.


  • 1.Telecommunications subscriber loop
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)
  • CATV


  • Applied to various of optical fiber distribution frames, distribution cabinets and optical cable cross-connection cabinets.
  • With splice trays in the box and integrate heat sealing and wiring into one.
  • Apply double-sided structured optical fiber splice tray  to make full use of the two sides of the board.
  • It’s suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable.
  • Every tray can be clamped with 12FC/SC/ST adaptors.
  • Install adaptors on the face side of optical fiber splice tray in a bayonet way at an oblique angle of 30 degrees to ensure curve radius of optical fiber and prevent eyes from being damaged by laser light at the same time.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The Wall Mount ODF stands out for its flexible configuration, ease of installation, simple maintenance, and efficient management.

Product Highlights

  • Standard Unit Structure: Standard unit dimensions, supports rack install or directly on the wall.
  • Modular Design: Employs a 12-core ODF tray made from durable ABS plastic, designed for easy front access which simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Fiber Protection Throughout: Ensures a minimum bending radius of 40mm for all fibers, thus maintaining fiber performance unaffected by layout.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Provides direct or cross connections for horizontal and backbone networks, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Customizable Ports: Fiber installation panels on the ODF can be tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Multiple Specifications: Available in configurations of 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, and 144 ports, catering to diverse user needs.
  • Robust Construction: Features a full steel plate frame for superior mechanical strength, ensuring the product is durable and deformation-resistant.
  • Aesthetic and Durable Finish: The frame is coated with a black matte powder, providing a neat and attractive appearance while being environmentally friendly.
  • High Mechanical Integrity: The steel frame is 1.5mm thick, capable of withstanding over 250N of vertical static pressure, and passes a 48-hour smoke test per GB/T2423.17—1993 with no visible rust.
  • Adapter Versatility: Compatible with FC, SC, LC, and ST adapters.
  • Cable Flexibility: Suitable for ribbon, bundled, and non-ribbon cable types.

Product Functions

  • Fixation: Mechanically secures the cable’s outer sheath and strength member. Adds grounding protection, and provides end protection while organizing and safeguarding the fibers.
  • Connection and Splicing: Facilitates the fusion of extracted fibers with pigtails, stores excess fibers, and protects splice joints.
  • Configurability and Testing: Allows for the easy plug-and-play of connectors into adapters, enabling flexible routing and testing of the optical paths.
  • Storage: Offers neatly organized storage solutions for various cross-connections between racks.

Ideal Applications

The Wall Mount ODF is perfect for:

  • Fiber Optic Networking: Ensuring organized, protected connections between optical cables and communication equipment.
  • Protective Connections: Ideal for connections that require protection in fiber access networks and terminal points.
  • High-Usage Environments: With a connector durability of over 1000 plugs and unplugs and controlled curvature throughout, it ensures long-term reliability.
Fiber Capacity of panel 12-144 core(12 24 48 port usually)
Panel Connector SC LC ST FC
Type Sliding Fixed
Dimension 19” 1U/2U/3U/4U…
Material Cold Rolled Steel or Aluminum
Storage Temperature -45~+65ºC
Thickness 1.0 1.2 mm
1.0 1.2 mm Cable ties, mounting ear screws, and spiral wrap tube

Ord Infomation

Module xxx x x
YD- Fiber cores Material Color
MTB=Terminal Boxes 004=4 1=SMC W=White
008=8 2=cold-rolled steel G=Grey
012=12 3=stainless steel B=Black


Module xxx x x
YD- Fiber cores Material Color
ODF=ODF 012=12 1=SMC W=White
024=24 2=cold-rolled steel G=Grey
048=48 3=stainless steel B=Black


Module xxx x x
YD- Fiber cores Material Color
CCC=Fiber optical cross connect cabinets 048=48 1=SMC W=White
096=96 2=cold-rolled steel G=Grey
144=144 3=stainless steel B=Black


Module xxx x x
YD- Fiber cores Material Color
MTC=Telecom Cabinets 144=144 1=SMC W=White
288=288 2=cold-rolled steel G=Grey
576=576 3=stainless steel B=Black

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