Outdoor Fiber Optical Self-supporting Figure 8 Cable


  • Versatile single-mode core options
  • Multimode fiber core variants
  • Armored design for enhanced protection
  • Flexible core number selection
  • Superior tensile performance
  • Wide operating temperature range


  • Long-distance and inter-office communications
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks
  • Aerial installations

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Product Details

The Figure 8 fiber optic cable stands as an exceptional solution for long-distance and inter-office communications.

Characterized by its unique “Figure 8” profile, this cable incorporates a steel stranded wire as its self-supporting component, offering unparalleled tensile strength during both installation and ongoing operation.

Key Features of Figure 8 Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

1. Versatile Single Mode Core Options:

  • Equipped with G.657A1 and A2 fibers, optimized for bending performance and deployment in challenging pathways.
  • Includes the standard G.652D fiber, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of existing infrastructure.

2. Multimode Fiber Core Variants:

  • Offers OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 multimode fibers, catering to diverse data rate and bandwidth requirements.

3. Armored Design for Enhanced Protection:

  • Available as figure 8 armored fiber optic cable, with options for dry or jelly-filled (with fiber paste) variants for additional environmental protection.

4. Flexible Core Number Selection:

  • Provides a broad selection of core numbers ranging from 4 up to 96, allowing for tailored structure options to meet specific network demands.

5. Superior Tensile Performance:

  • Can withstand a short-term pulling force of up to 5000N, ensuring robust performance during installation and maintenance activities.

6. Wide Operating Temperature Range:

  • Engineered to function reliably in a wide temperature spectrum, from -20°C to 60°C, suitable for diverse climatic conditions.

figure8 cable

Advantages of Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable

This compact figure 8 fiber optic cable is not only lightweight and flexible but also streamlines the installation process. The integrated steel wire messenger design significantly reduces installation costs and time, negating the need for additional support structures.

Ideal for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks, this cable simplifies the roll-out of high-speed internet services by offering a versatile and cost-effective cabling solution. Its robust design is ideal for aerial installations, where it navigates between poles and buildings with ease.

Why Choose Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable for Your Network?

Choosing Figure 8 fiber optic cable means investing in a solution that offers:

  • Cost savings on installation and maintenance.
  • Exceptional performance with high tensile strength.
  • Adaptability for single-mode and multimode applications.
  • A design that withstands harsh environmental conditions.

Whether you are expanding an existing network or building a new one, the Figure 8 fiber optic cable is a smart choice that ensures reliable, high-speed communication capabilities across your infrastructure.


 Cable Type Fiber Count Cable Weight Kg/km Supporting Wire Spec Tensile Strength  N Crush Resistance N/100m Bending Radius mm
GYTC8S 2~12 118 Φ1.0mm×7 steel strand 3500/7000 1000/3000 15D/30D
GYTC8S 14~24 129 Φ1.0mm×7 steel strand 3500/7000 1000/3000 15D/30D

Ord Infomation

figure8 cable packing

Module xxx xx X X
YD- cores Fiber model Sheath Material Fiber type
(model) 001=1 SM=9/125um 1=PU 1=G652D
002=2 2=LSZH 2=G655
004=4 3=PVC 3=G657A1
006=6 4=PE 4=G657B3
008=8 5=else 5=OM1
012=12 MM=62.5/125um 6=OM2
016=16 MM=50/125um 7=OM3
024=24 8=OM4
048=48 9=OM5
……. …….

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