FTTH Cold Pressing Sc APC /Upc Fast Connector Best Sale in Philippines


  • Compatible with both 3mm drop cable and 3x2mm flat cable
  • Fast and easy installation (within 90s)
  • Adopted fiber pre-installed structure.
  • V-slot structure design, fiber optic docking is stable and reliable
  • Linkage structure design, when docking with equipment and joints, the reserved Micro bend remains unchanged
  • The core structure: the use of normally closed elastic fastening method, excellent technical indicators
  • Easy to operate, fast construction, high installation success rate, long life cycle, easy maintenance in the later period.


  • Telecom Distribution and Local Area Networks
  • All fiber interconnection
  • FTTH and FTTX
  • Passive optical networks [ATM, WDM, Ethernet]
  • Broadband, Cable TV(CATV)

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The Quick Assembly SC Connector from Fibconet is a high-quality product specifically designed to facilitate quick and easy fiber terminations in the field.

It enables the installer to terminate and establish connections rapidly at equipment and fiber patch panels.

The Connector using precision and high quality Zirconiu ferrules and provides a highly reliable connection in most of the network application.

With high installation quality, high success rate, and high reliability, this connector system is the perfect solution for your field termination needs.

Key Features of Cold Pressing SC Connector:

  1. Compatibility: The Quick Assembly SC Connector is compatible with both 3mm drop cable and 3x2mm flat cable.
  2. Quick Installation: Quickly and easily installation, generally within 90 seconds.
  3. Pre-installed Fiber Structure: The connector adopts a pre-installed fiber structure, ensuring high installation quality and success rate.
  4. Low Insertion Loss and High Return Loss: The connector ensures optimal performance with low insertion loss and high return loss.
  5. Innovative Design: The pressing position uses a new special structural design, eliminating the need for infusion, grinding, and waste material.
  6. High Quality Installation: The use of an embedded fiber type structure ensures high installation quality and a quick assembly process.
  7. Easy Assembly: The connector is easy to assemble with mechanical splice and requires no polishing.
  8. Removal and Reusability: The connector’s features allow for easy removal and reuse, minimizing the defect rate.

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This cold connection optical fiber quick connector is a cost-effective solution for your fiber termination needs.

Bulk customization available for only $0.9 per unit.

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