FTTH Fiber Optic CAT5/5E/6/6A RJ45 Wall Plates


  • Multiple interface support
  • Durable construction
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Effective shielding
  • Space optimization


  • Corporate offices
  • Data centers
  • Educational institutions and government buildings
  • Home networks

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Product Details

RJ45 wall plates are a fundamental component in network communications, designed to facilitate organized and efficient cable management.

With multiple RJ45 connector interfaces, wall plates are ideal for connecting Ethernet devices, computers, and other networking equipment.

Commonly installed in racks, cabinets, or directly on walls, RJ45 wall plates serve as centralized connection points that streamline network setups.

Key Features

  • Multiple Interface Support: RJ45 wall plates provide several RJ45 connector ports, accommodating a variety of network connections and enhancing the scalability of network infrastructures.
  • Durable Construction: Each connector is an 8P8C (8 position, 8 contact) type, known for its robustness and reliability in maintaining secure connections.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission: Supports Ethernet standards such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a, ensuring high-speed data transfer and optimal performance.
  • Effective Shielding: The design includes excellent shielding properties, reducing the risk of signal interference and ensuring consistent network performance.
  • Space Optimization: By centralizing connection points, these wall plates improve the utilization of space within network environments, making them ideal for installations with limited area.


  1. Scalable Design: Easily expandable, allowing for future growth of network systems without significant reconfiguration.
  2. Enhanced Shielding: Minimizes electromagnetic interference, providing a stable and reliable network connection.
  3. Space Efficiency: Optimizes physical layout by reducing clutter and simplifying cable management.
  4. Standardization and Broad Application: Universally compatible with existing Ethernet and network standards, ensuring wide applicability.
  5. High-Speed Data Capabilities: Facilitates fast and efficient data transfer, meeting the demands of modern network applications.


RJ45 wall plates are extensively used in:

  • Corporate Offices: For connecting multiple office devices and creating a manageable network environment.
  • Data Centers: Where numerous network connections are centralized, requiring organized and reliable interfacing.
  • Educational Institutions and Government Buildings: To support extensive network infrastructures needed for daily operations and access.
  • Home Networks: Enhancing connectivity in residential settings, supporting telecommuting and home-based education systems.

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