FTTH fiber optic tool kits

FTTH Optical fiber cold connection construction package is a process in which
FTTx FTTH peels off the insulation layer of the cable, cuts, cleans and detects the
optical fiber during the rapid connection construction

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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FTTH Tool Kit Introduction

Portable optical power meter is a kind of accurate and durable portable instrument for the installation,
operation and maintenance of optical fiber network specially designed.This instrument features complete,
easy to use,easy to carry, is each fiber optic technology and construction personnel must be equipped with the maintenance tools.

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Operation method:

Open the switch fiber plate cover and open the single-core fiber splint.
Confirm the position of the tool holder in the front Place the fiber into the V-groove of the single-ended fiber clamp, align the fiber coating, and remove the border lines and graduations on the holder as needed. Cut the single-core fiber clamp to clamp the fiber.
Close the fiberboard cover and push in the tool holder to cut the fiber.
Open the cover of the fiber panel, open the fiber clamp, and open the clip of the single-line fiber clamp. Don’t forget to remove fiber debris.

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