Fiber Optic High Capacity Outdoor Network

Looking for an outdoor fiber optic network cabinet that can easily connect, splice, store and distribute optical fibers? Look no further than our fiber optic cross connect cabinet. Specifically designed for outdoor optical fiber access networks. It comes equipped with a built-in rack for storing and organizing patch panels, switches, routers, servers and other networking equipment.

Our cross connect cabinet is available in two installation methods: floor mounted and aerial. Whether you need to install it on the ground or in the air, our cabinet is the perfect solution for your network needs. Trust us to provide reliable and professional equipment to keep your network running smoothly.

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Application of outdoor cross connect cabinet

The outdoor network cabinet is primarily used in telecommunications networks to provide a secure and weather-resistant enclosure for cross-connecting copper or fiber optic cables. It is installed in outdoor environments, typically in a roadside or central office location.
cross connect cabinet
Some of the main applications of an outdoor cross connect cabinet include:

  1. Connecting telephone lines or DSL lines to customer premises equipment such as modems or routers.
  2. Connecting fiber optic cables between central offices or other network sites.
  3. Providing cross-connections for T1, T3 or other data circuits.
  4. Connecting wireless base stations or antennas with the core network.
  5. Providing a distribution point for broadband networks in residential areas.

Technical information of outdoor network cabinet

  • The maximum distribution capacity of four optical fiber cables is 96, 144, 288, and 576 cores, respectively. Direct welding capability is often limited to single, 120-core to 240-core to 480-core ribbon optical fiber cables.
  • A fiber optic outdoor network cabinet is often constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant materials that are watertight, anti-condensation, and moisture resistant. It can also tolerate adverse climate and environmental effects.
  • They are generally comfortable. They also have a horizontal wiring duct, which helps to simplify and neaten the optical wire architecture.
  • The terminal tray incorporates welding and distribution. Both are done at the same time, which streamlines the procedure, reduces the ribbon tail fiber length, and cuts expenses.
  • They are easy to use. A 12-core unit is used in the terminal module’s horizontal draw-out construction. Each core can be extracted independently, making distribution easier and decreasing bends produced by tail fiber distribution.
  • The optical fiber splitter is in good physical condition. It’s protected with a sleeve. As a result, the optical fiber cable can be fastened, grounded, and other operations performed without removing the optical fiber splitter.

Benefit of fiber optic cross connect cabinet

fiber optic cross connect cabinet

  1. Fully enclosed crate, the cabinet is SMC mould-pressing material or stainless steel material, can moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-salt spray, excellent performance in anti-corrosion and anti-aging , good appearance, protection class IP65.
  2. Distribute optical fiber with reasonable way and have good appearance, and the fiber bending radius more than 40mm.Clear identification, each optical fiber connection and distribution are have clearly marked.
  3. Can satisfy the needs of ribbon cable and non-ribbon cable at the same time.
  4. Can be realized by the optical fiber splicing directly and have extra function of fiber storage
  5. Full module design, according to customer requirements flexible assembly.
  6. Each module can be removed separately for ease of construction and maintenance.
  7. Has a reliable cable fixed, stripping, grounding protection device
  8. Fiber distribution and scheduling are all positive operation.

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No. Item Qty
1 Top Cover 1
2 Fan tray 1
3 Side door 2
4 Vertical cable management 2
5 Cable management cover 2
6 Fixed shelf 1
7 Front tempered glass door 1
8 Castor 4
9 Top panel 1
10 Frame 2
11 Mounting rail 4
12 Mounting angle 6
13 Adjustable feet 4
14 Rear double vented door 1
15 Frame 1

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