• Dual network compatibility (EPON and GPON)
  • Web configuration interface
  • Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing
  • Ethernet configuration and performance statistics
  • Multicast support and wire speed forwarding
  • Data encryption (AES-128 algorithm)
  • Automatic mode switching
  • Versatile IP support
  • Remote configuration and maintenance
  • Wireless interface (2.4GHz, 300Mbps)
  • POTS interface and CATV interface
  • Powered by Realtek chipset
  • Compatibility with various third-party OLTs


  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home) deployments
  • Broadband Internet access
  • WiFi services

Additional information

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The BT-311XR model ONU is a cutting-edge user terminal device developed by Fibconet.

This high-performance, low-power consumption device is designed to meet the diverse data service requirements in FTTH networking scenarios.

Its compact structure and small appearance make it an ideal choice for various operators.

Key Features

  • Dual Network Compatibility: XPON product compatible with both EPON and GPON networks without needing equipment or firmware replacements.
  • GPON Mode: Complies with IEEE 802.3ah and ITU-T G.984.x standards. Supports 8 T-CONTs and 32 GEM Ports.
  • EPON Mode: Compliant with IEEE 802.3ah specification and OAM protocol.
  • Web Configuration: Easy-to-use web interface for configuration.
  • Layer 2 Switching: Supports 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1P QoS, bandwidth control, and spanning tree.
  • Layer 3 Routing: Home Gateway/CPE features with hardware NAT, supports route mode.
  • Ethernet Configuration: Configurable Ethernet interface rates, working modes, MDI/MDIX auto-negotiation, and pause flow control.
  • Performance Statistics: Provides performance statistics on all Ethernet lines.
  • Multicast Support: Supports IGMP snooping for multicast.
  • Wire Speed Forwarding: Supports L2 wire speed forwarding.
  • Data Encryption: AES-128 algorithm for downlink data encryption.

onu ports


  • Automatic Mode Switching: Supports automatic switching between EPON and GPON modes.
  • Versatile IP Support: Supports PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6.
  • Remote Configuration: Integrates OMCI (GPON)/OAM (EPON) and TR-069 for remote configuration and maintenance.
  • Wireless Interface: Provides a maximum rate of 300Mbps with a 2.4GHz wireless interface and 2T2R external antenna, supporting multiple SSID settings.
  • POTS Interface: Supports SIP protocol, and POTS integrated circuit test complies with GR-909.
  • CATV Interface: Includes a CATV interface for video service, with the option to turn off CATV functionality.
  • Chipset: Powered by Realtek.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with 95% of third-party OLTs, including Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, BT-PON, and more.


  • Typical Access Scheme: Ideal for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) deployments.
  • Typical Services: Supports broadband Internet access and WiFi services.


The BT-311XR model ONU is the perfect solution for operators looking to deploy a flexible, high-performance fiber optic network.

Its comprehensive features and compatibility with various network standards make it a versatile and reliable choice for modern FTTH applications.

Ord Infomation

Working mode IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Antenna pattern External 2T2R External antenna
Antenna gain 5dBi
Wireless bandwidth Support 20MHz/40MHz
Interface rate Maximum rate 300Mbps
SSID Up to 4 SSID broadcasts are supported
POTS Interface
Interface type 1* RJ11
Voice agreement SIP
Codecs G.711/G.723/G.726/G.729
Integrated circuit protocol Gr-909 protocol is applicable
CATV Interface
Optical receiving wavelength 1550±10nm
Optical reflection loss >45dBm
RF, WDM, optical power +2~-15dBm
RF frequency range 47~1000MHz, RF output impedance: 75Ω
RF output level 78dBuV
AGC range 0~—12dBm
MER >32dB@-15dBm


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