GYTA53 SM/MM Fiber Optic Direct Burial Cable


  • Comprehensive water blocking
  • Special gel-filled loose tubes
  • Moisture barrier with aluminum-polyethylene
  • Crush-resistant steel-polyethylene outer jacket
  • Dual-layer sheathing
  • Multi-layer protection


  • Direct burial applications
  • Moisture-prone environments
  • Rodent-threatened areas
  • Harsh underground environments

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

GYTA53 cable is ideal for applications that necessitate direct underground installation.

Key Features:

  • Full Water-Blocking Structure: Ensures excellent moisture and damp-proof performance, ideal for harsh environmental conditions.
  • Gel-Filled Loose Tubes: Provide critical protection by housing the fibers in high-modulus material tubes filled with a waterproofing compound.
  • Aluminum-Polyethylene Bonded Inner Sheath: Offers superior moisture resistance, safeguarding the integrity of the fibers.
  • Steel-Polyethylene Bonded Outer Sheath: Enhances side-pressure resistance, extending the durability and lifespan of the cable.
  • Dual-Layer Protective Sheathing: Increases the cable’s resistance to compression, moisture, and ballistic threats.
  • Multi-Layered Defense: Effectively shields against mechanical damage and prevents damage from rodents.

Construction Details:

  • Fiber Encasement: The 250μm fibers are encased in loose tubes filled with a specialized gel, ensuring optimal fiber protection.
  • Central Strengthening Core: A metallic core at the center of the cable provides structural strength, with an additional polyethylene layer for certain fiber counts.
  • Water Blocking Fillers: The filled cable core’s gaps can prevent water ingress, ensuring continuous operation in moist environments.
  • Protective Coating: The cable features an aluminum-polyethylene inner jacket and a double-sided plastic-coated steel tape outer jacket, providing comprehensive environmental protection.



The GYTA53 Direct Burial Cable is specifically suit for direct burial and is highly suitable for telecommunications infrastructure in rural and urban settings where environmental challenges such as moisture and pests are a concern.

It is the preferred choice for network operators seeking a reliable, long-lasting solution for their underground network needs.

GYTA53 Direct Burial Cable

Direct burial cable Markerball

Typical positions for the ball marker are, e.g, telecommunication cables, pipe bracings, branches or joints. Fibconet also provides you markerball products which hot sale in Europe.

Direct burial cable Markerball

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