Huawei Compatible Mini Waterproof Connector


· Fiber Patch panel.
· Distribution Frame
· Fiber-optic network equipment
· Cable television network


· Compatible with both 3mm drop cable and 3x2mm flat cable
· Fast and easy installation (within 90s)
· Adopted fiber pre-installed structure.
· Low insertion loss. High return loss.
· Pressing position use newly special structure design, without infusion, grind and waste material.
· Use embedded fiber type structure, ensuring the high installation quality, success rate, and quick installation.
· Easy for assembling with the mechanical splice and no polishing
· Minimize the defect rate by features of removal and reusable.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Huawei Compatible Mini Sc/APC Simplex Waterproof Ipscapc Connector

Fast connector is a good solution to field wiring and fiber-to-the-home engineering connector. Assembly without glue, grinding, and electrical tools, is widely used in the construction section, the place needs to quickly connect, to provide a fast and stable connector for the operation. It adopts the latest fiber-formed technology. All the optical and mechanical index meet the patch cord

standard, to achieve make the patch cord via the mechanical cold junction, it changes the traditional splice opinion, offers powerful support for FTTx.

manufacturer fibconet
weight 9g
Product dimensions 5.24 x 2.91 x 0.55 cm batteries batteries
Batteries included or not Not
need batteries Not
Cable range 5-10mm If the cable used is too thin, the gasket cannot even cover IP68

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1. Are you a manufacturer or trade company?

We are the manufacturer with more than 20 years history.

2. What is your fiber brand?

Our fiber brands include: YOFC, Corning, Fiber Home, J-fiber, POFC

3. What is your main product?

Our main product is Fiber Optic Connector, Fiber Optic Adapter, Fiber Optic Attenuator, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, and Fiber Terminal Box. Except that, we have very good prices for part of fiber tools!

4. How can we place an order?

After the agreement be made on the product parameters, we will make a proforma invoice for you to confirm. After advance payment (deposit) is received, we will arrange the production and delivery. If you have your ship forwarder, we will use your ship forwarder to deliver goods; if you don’t have ship forwarder, we can ship them by our agent shipping company which offers a competitive freight cost.

5. What is the quality of your products?

All of our products are of high quality. We promise 100% recall policy if products are unqualified, and we can write it into our contract!

6. How do you arrange the shipping?

Solution A:  Fibconet takes care of everything. Clients only need to collect cargo in local port or wait for cargo delivery to their office. There are two types of shipping methods available: by sea and by air (Express courier – FedEx/ DHL/UPS/TNT/EMS, we can ship them according to your express account or ship them by our agent company, the delivery time is about four to seven days).
Solution B:  Clients assign a Shenzhen logistic company to do the shipping, Fibconet follows the shipping company’s instructions and finishes the delivery.

7. How can you guarantee the delivery time?

To avoid the delay, we have built a complete and professional procedure system from production to delivery. We have rich experience in production and delivery. We can regulate the penalty clause in the contract for the late delay.

8. What’s your best price for your passive fiber optic product?

Based on the quality and quantity of goods, we would quote the best matching price for you all the time.

9. What is your quality control for your fiber optic product?

1. Source Guarantee. We have our long-term cooperation raw material suppliers. All the products are ROHS certificated and meet exporting quality level demand.
2. Quality Test. It runs through the whole process from the raw material to the finished product, such as package, surface, physical, and optical tests. All the products are 100% tested.
3. Optical Test. Our products are strictly tested following IEC and ITU standards.
4. We have 30% spot test by Quality Assurance Department after the products are finished.

 10. Why choose Fibconet Fiber Optic to cooperate? 

1. We have first-class production line and strict quality management system.
2. We have professional procedure system and big production capacity to guarantee fast delivery and on-time shipment.
3. We can provide the most competitive price to meet your budget.
4. We also design and innovate new products based on our rich experience.
5. We have professional team to provide comprehensive one-stop service for you.

Please always feel free to contact us with any questions, it’s our honor to be in service of you!

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