IK08 FiberGlass Electric IP66 SMC Box


  • Enhanced durability with IK08 impact rating
  • Waterproof with IP65 protection degree
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Residential and public infrastructure
  • Electrical wiring junctions
  • Safe interfacing with main power supply
  • Concealing loose wires
  • Minimizing risk of electric shocks
  • Accommodating cables of various sizes

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

An SMC box is a superior type of junction box crafted from Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). It is a cutting-edge material known for its exceptional durability and resistance to environmental factors.

These junction boxes are vital for creating secure and organized electrical connections in both residential and public infrastructures.

Key Characteristics of SMC Material

  • Enhanced Durability: The SMC series have 30% glass fiber, which significantly increases the material’s electrical resistance and mechanical stiffness, achieving a high IK08 impact rating.
  • Waterproofing: With an IP65 protection degree, these boxes ensure that all contained electrical connections waterproof.
  • Insulation Material: SMC is an outstanding aviation-grade fiberglass material that offers excellent insulation. Maintaining its dielectric properties even at high frequencies without reflecting or impeding microwaves.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Unlike metal boxes, SMC boxes are inherently resistant to corrosion and humidity, making them ideal for harsh environments.

Applications and Uses of SMC Junction Boxes

SMC junction boxes house and protect electrical wiring junctions, allowing safe interfacing with the main power supply from a local utility.

These boxes are not only practical but also enhance the aesthetic by concealing loose wires.

  • Safety: The presence of SMC boxes substantially minimizes the risk of electric shocks, especially in crowded or narrow spaces, by securely enclosing all electrical connections.
  • Versatility: These junction boxes accommodate the connection of cables of various sizes, facilitating the organization and protection of diverse wiring systems.

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Advantages Over Traditional Metal Boxes

  • Weight: SMC boxes weigh approximately one-third of their metal counterparts, enabling easier handling and installation.
  • Longevity: The non-metallic nature of SMC means it will not rust, ensuring a longer lifespan even under continuous use.
  • Temperature Range: With a working temperature tolerance ranging from -40°C to +120°C, SMC boxes are suitable for extreme conditions without compromising performance.

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Ord Infomation

Material Fiberglass/SMC
Color RAL7035
Protection Degree IP66
Mechanical Impact IK08
Working Temperature Range -40℃ to +120℃

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