IK10 IP68 Huawei Compatible Fiber Access Terminal Closure


  • IP68 waterproof design
  • User-friendly integration with flap-up splice cassette and adaptor holder
  • High durability standards (meets IK10 impact test, 100N pull force)
  • Corrosion resistance with stainless steel plates and anti-rusting hardware
  • Optimal fiber protection with bend radius control exceeding 40mm
  • Versatility in splicing (fusion splice and mechanical splice compatible)
  • Efficient cable management with mechanical sealing structure, mid-span cable entry, and 16 drop cable ports
  • PLC splitter accommodation (2 units of 1×8 PLC splitters)
  • Adapter compatibility with industry-standard waterproof adapters
  • Suitable for wall and pole mounting
  • Compatible with FTTH installations (pre-installation and field installations)
  • Compatible with 2x3mm indoor FTTH drop cable and outdoor figure 8 FTTH self-supporting drop cable


  • FTTx network systems
  • Fiber network infrastructure optimization and protection
  • FTTH installations

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Discover the solution for your FTTx network systems with our Fiber Access Termination Closure.

Designed for both efficiency and durability, this closure is a efficientive solution capable of handling up to 16 subscribers and 96 splicing points.

It’s not just a splicing closure but also a critical termination point, seamlessly connecting feeder cables with drop cables.

This enclosure is engineered to integrate fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage, and cable connection all within one robust protection box.

Key Features

  • IP68 Waterproof Design: Our closure is able to withstand the elements, ensuring your network’s integrity with the highest level of waterproof protection.
  • User-Friendly Integration: Comes with a flap-up splice cassette and an adaptor holder, simplifying your workflow.
  • High Durability Standards: Designed to meet IK10 impact test standards, a pull force of 100N, and a full rugged build for enhanced durability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Features all stainless steel plates and anti-rusting hardware, ensuring longevity in any environment.
  • Optimal Fiber Protection: With a fiber bend radius control exceeding 40mm, your fiber is safeguarded against damage.
  • Versatility in Splicing: Compatible with both fusion splice and mechanical splice methods.
  • Efficient Cable Management: Boasts a mechanical sealing structure and mid-span cable entry, along with 16 ports for drop cable entry.
  • PLC Splitter Accommodation: Can house 2 units of 1×8 PLC splitters, doubling as a joint box.
  • Adapter Compatibility: Designed to fit with industry-standard waterproof adapters from brands like Huawei and Corning.


  • Flexible Installation: Suitable for both wall and pole mounting, addressing diverse installation needs.
  • Prepared for FTTH: Perfect for both pre-installation in FTTH setups and field installations.
  • Cable Compatibility: The 4-7mm cable ports are ideally sized for 2x3mm indoor FTTH drop cable and outdoor figure 8 FTTH self-supporting drop cable.

Standard Accessories

  • A comprehensive kit including a splice cassette, cable management tools, nuts and bolts for installation, protection sleeves, hose clamp, cable tube, wrench, cover holder, and a rubber seal for cable entrance.

Optional Accessories

  • Pole ring for additional mounting options.

Optimize and protect your fiber network infrastructure with our reliable and rugged Fiber Access Termination Closure.

With both versatility and durability, experience the assurance of a product that delivers on both performance and longevity in demanding FTTx network environments.

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