In Line 4 IN 4 OUT(2/2) IP68 Fiber Splice Closure


  • Designed for diverse environments: overhead, pipeline, and subterranean applications
  • Suitable for straight and branching configurations
  • Constructed with high-caliber PC/PP engineering plastics for durability
  • Resistant to corrosive substances and anti-aging
  • Sturdy mechanical structure for resilience in wild environments and climate fluctuations
  • Turnable splice trays (FOST) with ample curvature radius for fiber winding
  • Individual operability of optical cables and fibers for meticulous fiber management
  • Reusable and accessible for post-installation modifications


  • Fiber optic connection and protection in diverse environments
  • Overhead, pipeline, and subterranean installations
  • Straight and branching configurations

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Engineered for the utmost reliability in fiber optic connection and protection, the GD-J006 Fiber Splice Closure stands as an exemplary choice for network engineers and infrastructure specialists.

This Splice Closure can facilitate connections in diverse environments, including overhead, pipeline, and subterranean applications.

For both straight and branching configurations.

Superior Material and Durability

Constructed with high-caliber PC/PP engineering plastics, the GD-J006 boasts excellent resistance to corrosive substances such as acids and alkali salts.

Its anti-aging properties, coupled with a sleek design, ensure the closure maintains both its aesthetic and functional integrity over time.

The sturdy mechanical structure is built to withstand the rigors of wild environments, significant climate fluctuations and demanding operational circumstances.

splice closure

User-Centric Mechanical Design

The closure houses turnable splice trays (FOST), which operate similarly to booklets.

Providing ample curvature radius and space to accommodate the winding of optical fiber with a minimum curvature radius of 40 mm.

This thoughtful design ensures each fiber maintains optimal integrity and performance.

Furthermore, the individual operability of each optical cable and fiber within the closure empowers technicians with the flexibility necessary for meticulous fiber management.

Reusability and Accessibility

A key feature of the GD-J006 Fiber Splice Closure is its post-installation reusability.

Making it a sustainable choice for evolving network requirements.

Key Specifications of Fiber Splice Closure:

Item Fiber Optic Splice Closure IN-LINE 4IN-4OUT
Dimensions 460mm x 190mm x 115mm
Material Robust PC/PP combination
Weight Approximately 2.47kg
Cable Diameter Range IN 14.5mm/OUT 8-17.5mm
Cable Port Configuration 4 Inlets and 4 Outlets
Fiber Capacity per Tray 24 (single-core)
Max Trays Accommodated 6
Maximum Fiber Capacity 144 (single-core)
Sealing Method Rubber seal for ports, Silicon rubber for the shell
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 80°C
Protection Grade IP68 certified for top-tier dust and water resistance

Fiber Splice Closure Packaging Details:

Carton Packing 10 sets per carton
Carton Dimensions 62cm x 48cm x 42cm
Weight per Carton 26.2kg

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