insulation Piercing Clamp for Reliable Tap Connections

insulation piercing clamps are designed to offer a reliable and easy-to-install solution for cable dead-end and double dead-end applications.


  • Puncture structure for easy installation without peeling the insulated wire.
  • Torque nut that provides constant puncture pressure for a good electrical connection without damaging the wire.
  • Self-sealing structure that prevents moisture, water, and corrosion, thus prolonging the service life of the insulated wire and clamp.
  • Tin-plated copper alloy or high hardness aluminum alloy contact blade, suitable for copper (aluminum) butt and copper aluminum transition.
  • Special insulating shell that is resistant to UV and environmental aging.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Discover our insulation Piercing Clamp, also known as an Insulation Piercing Connector, designed to create a secure tap connection in various transmission line applications.

Versatile Applications

You can use our connector on a wide range of transmission cables, including:

Durable Construction

Fibconet Insulated Piercing Clamp features:

  • UV-resistant thermoplastic fiber construction, reinforced with tinned copper for added strength and protection
  • Steel bolt and head nut, available in various dimensions for specific application needs

Safe and Reliable Insulation

You can trust our clamp to:

  • Prevent electric current flow, especially when clamping live wires
  • Provide reliable insulation for the insulated strands

Easy Installation

Experience the benefits of our clamp’s ergonomic design:

  • Easy strand clamping
  • Flexible end cap to guide connecting wires
  • No need for wire twisting or stripping during installation

Key Features

  • Compact design with well-secured components
  • Durable UV-resistant thermoplastic fiberglass that withstands harsh conditions
  • Low clamping pressure during installation to protect cables from damage
  • Suitable for various cable diameters

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