IP65 96 Core SMC Cross Connect Cabinet


  • Fully enclosed chassis with SMC or stainless steel construction for protection against moisture, water ingress, dust, salt spray, and corrosion
  • Optimal fiber routing with a bending radius of over 40mm
  • Clear labeling system for easy management and troubleshooting
  • Compatibility with ribbon and non-ribbon optical cables
  • Direct fusion and storage capabilities for fiber management
  • Modular design for customized assembly
  • Individual module extraction for ease of construction and maintenance
  • Comprehensive cable management with fixation, stripping, and grounding protection devices
  • User-friendly front access for fiber distribution and patching activities


  • Backbone and distribution junction for seamless data flow across networks
  • Optical Fiber LANs, WANs, and FTTP applications
  • Available in SMC or stainless steel enclosures for single-sided or double-sided operation modes

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Fibconet Cross Connect Cabinet, featuring advanced design and versatile functionality.

It is an essential interface equipment for backbone and distribution optical cables within fiber optic networks.

Primarily utilized for outdoor optical cable connections and distribution,

it facilitates an orderly and efficient management of fiber cores through fiber optic connectors and patch cords.

Versatile Application Scope

  • Backbone and Distribution Junction: This cabinet serves as a pivotal junction for the interface between backbone optical cables and distribution optical cable. Critical in ensuring seamless data flow across vast networks.
  • Optical Fiber LANs and WANs: It perfectly suit for Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) applications. Providing a reliable and flexible fiber core scheduling system.
  • Material and Design Variations: Depending on the requirements, the product is available in SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) or stainless steel enclosures. With configurations catering to single-sided or double-sided operation modes.

Robust Features

  • Fully Enclosed Chassis: The cabinet crafts from either SMC molded materials or stainless steel. Offering a high degree of protection against moisture, water ingress, dust, salt spray, and corrosion. It exhibits exceptional aging resistance, with an aesthetically pleasing exterior and an IP65 protection level.
  • Optimal Fiber Routing: The internal design ensures a neat and logical fiber routing, maintaining a fiber bending radius greater than 40mm.
  • Clear Labeling System: Each core fiber connection and distribution is clearly labeling, simplifying management and troubleshooting.
  • Compatibility: The cabinet supports both ribbon and non-ribbon optical cables, demonstrating its adaptability to various network requirements.
  • Direct Fusion and Storage: It facilitates direct splicing of optical cables and includes an attached storage function for fiber management.
  • Modular Design: The product boasts a full modular design, allowing for customized assembly based on specific customer requirements.
  • Accessibility: Each module can be individually extracted to ease construction and maintenance processes.
  • Comprehensive Cable Management: Reliable optical cable fixation, stripping, and grounding protection devices are integral to the cabinet’s design.
  • User-Friendly Operation: All fiber distribution and patching activities are conducted from the front of the unit, enhancing the user experience.

Optical Cable Splicing Unit Details

  • Function: This unit is purposed for terminating trunk optical cables and distribution cable wiring within user areas.
  • Composition: It comes fully equipped with 9 trunk trays, 1 wiring tray, and 8 splicing trays, with each tray capable of splicing 12 core fibers. The adapter interface provides 12 SC (FC) type single-core adapters per tray, allowing for a full configuration of up to 96 cores.
  • Standard Configuration: The traditional model includes 8 fusion and distribution trays, while the non-patch cable variant features 1 trunk tray and 8 fusion storage trays, with customization available upon request.

overall dimension

Fibconet Cross Connect Cabinet represents a sophisticated and durable solution for managing fiber optic networks. Its robust construction, flexible design, and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable asset for efficient network operation and expansion.

Ord Infomation

780mm (height) 450mm (width) 280mm(deep) (including base)
product structure

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