IP67 Mini Size Fiber Optic Distribution Box


  • Robust and compact design
  • High protection level (up to IP67)
  • Advanced fiber management
  • Customization and maintenance-friendly


  • Residential areas
  • Commercial buildings
  • Rural deployments

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Fiber optic distribution boxes are pivotal in modern FTTX (Fiber to the x) communication network systems.

These boxes serve as crucial termination points where feeder cables connect with drop cables, facilitating seamless signal distribution to multiple subscribers.

This detailed guide explores the functionality, features, and applications of fiber optic distribution boxes, emphasizing their integral role in the management and deployment of FTTX networks.

Key Features of Fiber Optic Distribution Boxes

1. Robust and Compact Design

These distribution boxes are engineered with high-strength plastic and reinforced with strength strips, ensuring durability against environmental conditions such as moisture, water, dust, and aging. The compact design of the box integrates multiple functions, including fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution, all within a miniaturized and lightweight enclosure secured by six screws on the bottom plate.

2. High Protection Level

Designed for both outdoor wall mounting and pole mounting, the boxes offer a high protection level up to IP67. This rating guarantees superior protection against ingress of dust and the effects of immersion in water, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.

3. Advanced Fiber Management

The internal structure supports efficient fiber management systems. It features a two-layer splitting design where a 1:2 PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitter output connects to a 1:8 PLC splitter input. This arrangement enhances the signal distribution capabilities without interference between the pathways, simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

4. Customization and Maintenance

To aid in easy recognition and handling, the adapters’ cap colors can be customized, allowing quick identification of input and output lines. Additionally, the presence of separate paths for PLC splitters and pigtails facilitates straightforward and hassle-free maintenance.

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Fiber optic distribution boxes are extensively used in various applications within FTTX networks:

  • Residential Areas: Connecting multiple household subscribers to a single feeder line.
  • Commercial Buildings: Serving businesses and offices within a complex by distributing fiber connections from a central point.
  • Rural Deployments: Extending reliable, high-speed internet access to remote areas where robust and weather-resistant installations are crucial.

Standard Accessories Included

  • Screws: 4mm x 40mm, 4 pieces
  • Expansion Bolts: M6, 4 pieces
  • Cable Ties: 3mm x 10mm, 6 pieces
  • Heat-Shrink Sleeves: 1.0mm x 3mm x 60mm, 16 pieces
  • Metal Rings: 2 pieces
  • Key: 1 piece

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