Metal Drop Cable Tension Clamp


FTTH Drop Cable Tension Clamp, also known as drop wire Clamp, is used to tension and support optical cables or telephone distribution cables at dead spots or intermediate distances during FTTH and FTTX network construction.

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Brand Flat cable size (h*W)mm Material MBL,KN Length,mm Weight,g
FIBCONET <6*<13 Stainless steel 1.2 220 40-45g

Key Features

1. Easy installation, no tools required
2. High mechanical strength
3. Removable and won’t hurt the cable jacket
4. Stainless steel material is corrosion-resistant and durable
5. Suitable for drive hook, rod mount, or other accessories
6. Excellent environmental stability
7. Price competitive

Ord Infomation

The body, wedges and shackles of this FTTH clamp are made of high-strength stainless steel mechanical stamping technology.
The installation of the ftth drop cable clamp is very simple and convenient, the self-adjusting wedges can be installed without tools, and the fiber optic cables can be easily connected manually.
All you need to do is place an appropriately sized flat cable on the housing, hold the raised die against the cable, insert the wedge into the housing, and finally attach this clip to the hanger hook or bracket. FTTH drop clips have passed a number of standard-related type tests provided by our in-house laboratory, such as. -40°C~+70°C temperature and humidity cycle test, tensile strength test, aging test, corrosion resistance test, etc.

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