Mini Aerial Outdoor Fiber ADSS Cable


  • All-dielectric structure
  • SZ stranding and dry core design
  • Double FRP strength member
  • Lightweight and small diameter
  • Long design life


  • Utility communications
  • Cost-effective alternative to OPGW and OPAC systems

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable is a specialized type of optical fiber cable for utility communications.

It supports itself between structures without the need for conductive metal elements, making it an ideal choice for installation along existing overhead transmission lines.

ADSS cable serves as an efficient communication medium for electrical utility companies, often sharing support structures with electrical conductors.

Key Features of ADSS Cable

Robust and Lightweight Design

ADSS cable features an all-dielectric structure which enhances its durability while being inherently non-conductiv. Making it safe for use near high-voltage environments.

The cable employs SZ stranding and a dry core design, which helps in preventing moisture ingress and maintains the integrity of the cable over long distances.

The inclusion of double FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) as a strength member provides additional durability and tensile strength.

Allowing for long spans of up to 700 meters between support towers.

Minimized Physical Load

The cable is designed to be lightweight and small in diameter. This design significantly reduces the load on tower structures, which is a crucial consideration in areas prone to high wind speeds and ice accumulation.

By minimizing the physical load, ADSS cables ensure less strain on existing infrastructure and potentially lower maintenance costs.

Long Design Life

ADSS cables are built to last, with a design life of over 30 years. This longevity is critical for utility applications where long-term reliability is essential. The robust construction and protective features like the dry core design contribute to the cable’s durability and resistance to environmental challenges.

Applications of ADSS Cable

Utility Communications

ADSS cable is primarily used by electrical utility companies to enhance their communication infrastructure. It installs along existing overhead transmission lines, allowing utilities to leverage their existing infrastructure without the need for additional poles or structures.

Cost-Effective Alternative

ADSS serves as a cost-effective alternative to other types of optical fiber cables such as OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and OPAC (Optical Phase Conductor).

Its installation process is less invasive and less costly since it does not require the extensive use of conductive metals or the grounding necessary for OPGW or OPAC systems.

Additional Product Specifications

Cable Sheath Marking

  • Type: Ink jet print
  • Color: White
  • Contents: Brand, cable type, fiber counts, date of manufacture, length markings
  • Interval: Marked at intervals of 1 meter with a tolerance of ±0.2%

Packaging and Handling

  • Reel Length: Available in standard lengths of 2, 3, or 4 kilometers per reel, with custom lengths available upon request.
  • Cable Drum: Packed in high-quality plywood wooden drums to ensure protection during transportation.
  • Cable Packing: Both ends of the cable seals with plastic caps to prevent moisture entry during shipping, handling, and storage. The inner end of the cable is accessible for testing purposes.

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mini ADSS Cable

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