Network Management Main Control Board


  1. 1+1 dual network management hot backup
  2. Hot-swap and software/hardware watchdog functions
  3. Support for online upgrades
  4. Complete network management platform (SNMP, CLI, Web, NMS)
  5. Abundant network management interfaces (2 SFP, 2 RJ45, local interface)
  6. Powerful multi-level network topology management
  7. Compliance with TMN specification


  1. Device management
  2. Monitoring and deployment
  3. Software upgrade management
  4. Configuration file management
  5. Alarm and performance management
  6. Network management at device and network levels

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The FW8N is a network management main control board designed to facilitate real-time monitoring, configuration, and management of each board card in the chassis through a host computer.

Equipped with a high-speed ARM processor, the FW8N offers powerful data processing capabilities and diverse management interfaces for network deployment of various scales.

Key Specifications

  • Processor: High-speed ARM processor for extensive data processing.
  • Management Interfaces: Provides command line CU, browser (WEB), and graphical (NMS) interfaces.
  • Deployment: Offers server and standalone versions to cater to different network scales.

Features of Our Control Board

1+1 Dual Network Management

The FW8N supports a 1+1 dual network management hot backup function, with dual network port backup.

It also allows for automatic and manual switching of network management functions, ensuring reliable network management.

Hot-Swap and Watchdog Functions

The board includes hot-swap and software and hardware watchdog functions to ensure network management’s reliability, controllability, and credibility.

Online Upgrade

The FW8N allows for local or remote online upgrades without affecting the service boards’ functions.

Comprehensive Network Management Platform

The FW8N supports multiple network management platforms, including SNMP, CLI, Web, and NMS (graphical interface).

Diverse Network Management Interfaces

The board provides 2SFP and 2RJ45 management interfaces, as well as a local interface (TYPE-C port).

Network Topology Management

The FW8N provides multi-level network topology management functions for quick and automatic discovery of network topology discovery. It also generates intuitive and vivid display graphics generation.

TMN Specification Compliance

The FW8N follows the TMN specification, enabling device management, monitoring and deployment. It also supports software upgrade management, configuration file management, and alarm and performance management. This provides comprehensive network management from the device level to the network level.

The FW8N network management main control board is an ideal solution for network management operators and enterprise users at all levels. It provides robust network management capabilities and flexibility.

Ord Infomation

Parameters Describe
Interface Optical port: 2 SFP interface

Electric port: 2 RJ45 ports

Serial port: 1 Console interface

Network management method NMS、Web、CL1、SNMP
Environmental requirements Operating temperature -5℃~45℃
  Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
  Relative humidity 5%~95%
Product Size 77(W)x20(H)x213(D)(mm)
Power consumption <15W

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