Optical Network Unit (ONU)

The ONU uplink is connected to the central office (CO) through the GEPON port, and
the downlink provides one Gigabit Ethernet port for individual users or SOHO users. As the future solution of FTTx, ONU 1001i provides powerful voice, high-speed data, and video services through single fiber GEPON.

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1. Onu refers to the optical network equipment connected to the branched fiber of the ODN. ONUs are divided into active optical network units and passive optical network units. Typically, equipment equipped with network monitoring, including optical receivers, optical upstream transmitters, and multi-bridge amplifiers, is referred to as an optical node. ONU is the user-side equipment of the GEPON system.
2. Onu is just the name of a node in the PON network. If the user directly connects the optical fiber to the ONU, the cat can no longer be connected. A cat is a device that converts light into electricity.
3. EPON ONU mainly converts optical Ethernet signals into electrical signals. Passive ONU is the user-side device of the GEPON system and is used by EPON to close the transaction sent by OLT. With OLT, ONU provides a wide range of broadband services to connected users.

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ONU devices are composed of common units and communication interfaces such as core function circuits, power supply and management. The core function blocks include user and service multiplexing, transmission multiplexing and ODN interface functions.

User and service reuse includes the ability to assemble information from each user, assign information to each user, and connect to a single service interface. Transport multiplexing functions include analyzing the signals coming from ODN, taking out the parts belonging to the ONU, and reasonably arranging the information to be sent to ODN. ODN interface functions provide a range of optical-physical interface functions, including optical/electrical and electrical/optical conversion

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