Outdoor 19-Inch Battery Rack Enclosure Network Server Telecom Cabinet

Our cabinets are well designed and the internal rack structure is solid. Can be equipped with telecommunications equipment, power supplies, batteries, temperature control devices, etc.
Cabinets can be easily installed in any difficult place, including hilltops and building roofs. The cabinet design is made of low thermal conductivity fireproof material, heat insulation and fireproof, and high safety factor. It can be windproof, sand proof, rainproof, sunproof, anti-theft, and protection level IP55.
The top benefits of Fibcont’s products:
High reliability and quality, maintenance-free, quick assembly, and suitability for harsh environments
High integration, small footprint, quick construction, and low construction costs
Improved heat dissipation design, high efficiency, and energy savings extend battery life effectively.

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Product Details

1.  Product Description

At Fibcont, our cabinets are meticulously designed with a focus on both functionality and durability.

The internal rack structure ensures a solid foundation for

  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Batteries
  • Temperature control devices.

Our cabinets are versatile and can be easily installed in challenging locations such as hilltops and building roofs.

Safety and protection are paramount to us. That’s why our cabinet design utilizes low thermal conductivity fireproof material, providing excellent heat insulation and fire resistance.

With a high safety factor, our cabinets are built to withstand various environmental conditions.

They are windproof, sandproof, rainproof and sunproof, ensuring the optimal protection of your equipment.

Additionally, our cabinets have an impressive IP55 protection level, safeguarding your valuable assets.

telecom cabinet

2. Benefits of Telecommunications Enclosures

Telecommunications enclosures are primarily used to safeguard the items contained inside, but they also have additional uses. Electrical enclosures, for instance, can arrange equipment and maintain it neat for effectiveness and usability.

In actuality, with the use of equipment racking and bespoke shelves, numerous organizational designs are possible.

Additionally, these cabinets can guarantee that the equipment won’t unintentionally damage someone and that it will only be available to authorized employees.

3. Our Services of Your Telecom Cabinet Needs

When you work in the telecoms equipment industry, you are well aware of the importance of equipment costs. Even a minor component might be costly to replace or repair. Having the correct storage and protection in place will help you reduce, if not eliminate, these expenditures.

1.Protect your investment from the elements—and prying eyes.

When you don’t require the room of a full shelter, the correct cabinet can help you get the most out of your equipment.

2.In addition to preserving your equipment, it is important to realize that it may be dangerous to curious children or animals. Keeping this equipment in properly locked cabinets will help you prevent harm and may shield you from liability.

4.Advantages of Our Outdoor Telecom Enclosure

  • Steel frame
  • Customized production, glass door color, plate thickness, telecom cabinet style, etc
  • Removable side panels. Leveling feet or castors
  • Special design, strength front/rear door shape beauty and structure fastness.
  • Full set of optional accessories
  • Installation can be optional for castors of standing
  • Efficient cabinets connectors.
  • Surface treatment such as pickling, phosphating, electrostatic, spraying, etc. for the plate, long-lasting and durable

telecom cabinet1

Ord Infomation

Material: SPCC/stainless steel
Cabinet capacity: 6U/9U/12U/15U/18U/20U
Relative humidity <=85% (at +30ºC ) (indoor), <=95% (at +40ºC )  (outdoor)
Working temperature -5ºC ~+40ºC (indoor), -40ºC ~+60ºC (outdoor)

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