Pre-assembled 1U 19inch Rack LC MTP®/MPO Patch Panel


  • 19″ rack mount, Color black.
  • Reliability – 100% Tested. Factory terminated and tested.
  • Front cable management function: Cable can be routed to the front of the cable management bar, either from the left or the right side.
  • Rear cable management function: Cable can be routed to the rear of the cable management bar, from both sides.
  • 1U patch panel capacity comes up to 144F fully loaded, up to
  • 12 MPO/MTP® standard connectors


  • Data communication applications
  • Data Centre infrastructure
  • Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel
  • Emerging 40 and 100Gbps Protocols compatible

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Product Details

Fibconet’s MPO/MTP® Angled Patch Panels present a robust solution for transitioning between MPO/MTP® and LC discrete connector interfaces.

Designed with efficiency in mind, these panels are a vital component for managing MPO/MTP® backbone connections with LC patching and active equipment within the fast-paced realm of data center infrastructure.

The innovation of these panels lies in their ability to facilitate rapid deployment and streamline troubleshooting and reconfiguration processes during moves, adds, and changes.

Exceptional Design for Cutting-Edge Networks

Angled MPO Patch Panels provide a shallow depth, making them compatible with both fiber optic and copper racking systems.

The panels feature factory-controlled and tested MPO/MTP®-LC fanouts, ensuring superior optical performance and reliability.

For networks with stringent power budgets and high-speed requirements, the panels offer low loss MPO/MTP®  and LC Premium versions, which are characterized by their shallow insertion losses.

mpo patch panel dimension


  • 19″ Rack Mount: A perfect fit for standard racks with a sleek black finish.
  • Tested Reliability: 100% factory terminated and tested for guaranteed performance.
  • Efficient Cable Management: Offers intuitive front and rear cable management functions, allowing neatly cable organization from either side.
  • High Capacity: 1U patch panel supports up to 144F when fully loaded, with accommodation for up to 12 MPO/MTP® standard connectors.


  1. Data Communication: Provides a reliable backbone for high-speed data transfer.
  2. Data Center Infrastructure: Enhances the capability and scalability of modern data centers.
  3. Storage Area Network – Fiber Channel: Ideal for SAN deployments, ensuring continuous and stable fiber optic connections.
  4. Emerging Protocols: Compatible with the latest 40Gbps and 100Gbps protocols, ready to support future advancements in network technology.

MPO Patch Panel Application

mpo patch panel accessories

Ord Infomation

Product Description MPU – SP – B – 9005 – 4×24MTP/PC – LC/UPC – OM4 – 1U
1: Model MP4
2: Body Materials SP: SPCC (cold rolled steel sheet)
3: Painting Finish B: powder coat matt finish
4: Painting Color 9005: RAL black
5: Patch cord Quantity 8×12: 8pcs of 12F; 12×12: 12pc of 12F; 4×24: 4pc of 24F; 6×24: 6pc of 24F
7: Connector B LC/UPC; LC/APC
8: Fiber Mode G657A1; OM1; OM2; OM3; OM4; OM5
9: Panel Height 1U

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