Pre-twisted Tension Clamp for ADSS


  • Connects terminal support, tension support, splice support, and support of angle over 25°
  • Configurable for different fiber cable diameters
  • Inner preformed armor rods for increased friction and cable protection
  • Outer tension preformed rods for strength and reduced stress on the cable
  • Thimble clevis and clevis for secure connections
  • Anchor shackles for support fastening


  • ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) optical cable installations
  • Connecting terminal support, tension support, and splice support
  • Supporting angles greater than 25°
  • Suitable for various failure loads (20/50/70/100/120 kN)

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Meet our Pre-twisted Tension Clamp for ADSS, the perfect tool for connecting terminal support, tension support splice support, and supports of angles greater than 25°.

With this configuration, you get one set of terminal support per support, two sets of tension support per support and support for angles over 25°.

You have the flexibility to choose the appropriate tension clamp based on the fiber cable diameter, RTS or span.

Our Tension Clamp for ADSS consists of:

  1. Inner Preformed Armor Rods: Crafted from Aluminum-clad steel, we’ve applied particulate grit to boost friction. The terminal ends can bend outward to protect your cable from abrasion.
  2. Outer Tension Preformed Rods: Made of Aluminum-clad steel. These individual rods are grouped to enhance the strength of the tension clamp while reducing the stress on your cable.
  3. Thimble Clevis: Fashioned from hot galvanized steel, we offer five types for varying failure loads: 20/50/70/100/120 kN.
  4. Clevis: This hot galvanized steel component connects the thimble clevis and anchor shackle, available in these capacities: 50/70/100/120 KN.
  5. Anchor Shackle: Also made of hot galvanized steel for secure support fastening. Comes in types: U-4 (40 KN), U-7 (70KN), U-10 (100KN), and U-12 (120KN).

What sets us apart is our capability to provide from 0~100m up to over 700m ADSS optical cable span tension clamp solutions.

Your construction needs for tension and breaking strength are met with our product.

Trust in our Pre-twisted Tension Clamp for ADSS to deliver reliable and effective support solutions.

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