SC APC/UPC Metal V-slot Field Assembly Optical Connector


  • Simple and effective solution
  • No need for polishing or epoxy
  • Precision-engineered Zirconia ferrules
  • Compatible with 2.0mm x 3.0mm jacket cable
  • Linkage structure design
  • V-slot metal structure
  • Normally closed elastic fastening method
  • Ease of use
  • Rapid deployment
  • High success rates in installations
  • Durability
  • Cost-effective


  • Telecom Distribution
  • Local Area Networks
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
  • FTTX (Fiber to the X)
  • Passive optical networks (ATM, WDM, Ethernet)
  • Broadband
  • Cable TV (CATV)

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Field Assembly Optical Connector: Your Quick-Link to Clarity

You need a field assembly optical connector that’s both swift and fuss-free, and that’s where our expertise shines.

Designed for effortless in-field termination of single fibers, our Field Assembly Optical Connector bypasses the usual polishing or epoxy.

Precision and high-quality Zirconia ferrules are at its heart, ensuring a highly dependable link across various network applications.

For a tailored fit, the SC type is ready with a 2.0mm x 3.0mm jacket cable.

Field Assembly Optical Connector


Where Flexibility Meets Performance

With the Field Assembly Optic Connector, you’re equipped for:

  • All types of fiber interconnections.
  • Dynamic Telecom Distribution and robust Local Area Networks.
  • Direct FTTH and FTTX deployments.
  • Reliable Passive optical networks, including ATM, WDM, and Ethernet.
  • Enhanced Broadband and Cable TV (CATV) experiences.

Key Characteristics

Innovation in Every Connection

The Field Assembly Optical Connector stands apart with:

  • A linkage structure design that ensures the micro-bend remains constant during equipment integration.
  • A robust metal type V-slot design that promises stable and reliable fiber optic docking.
  • A core structure featuring a normally closed, elastic fastening method for superior technical performance.
  • User-friendly operation, quick installation, and a high success rate, all contributing to its extended lifecycle and straightforward maintenance.

Advantages of Fibconet Products

Cost-Effective Excellence

Why pay more when you can achieve optimal performance at a fraction of the cost?

Our Field Assembly Optical Connector is priced approximately six or seven times less than Corning’s equivalents, at about $3.50—without compromising on quality.

Backed by an exclusive manufacturer’s license and patent, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in innovation.

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