SC Fiber optic reflector

The 1577nm SC Type Fiber optic reflector is an important device in the field of optical communication link detection.
The principle is the equivalent of a bandpass filter, which completely reflects light from
1,572 to 1,582 nm (more than 99.5%) while all other wavelengths pass through.

In the field of communication, the communication light
can be separated from the detection light, and the detection light can be prevented from passing through so as
to affect the communication signal. At the same time, the return light can be detected at the control end. Its
advantages are accurate control, stable work, long service life

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Pass 1310+1550 nm and Stop 1577nm

Performance Indicators

Parameters Uit Min Typical Max
1 Pass Band Wavelength nm 1260-1560
2 Reflect Band Wavelength nm 1572-1582
3.1 IL(1260nm-1360nm) dB 0.8
3.2 IL(1460nm-1560nm) dB 0.8
3.3 IL(1560nm-1570nm) dB 2.0
3.4 IL dB 25
4.1 RL(1260nm-1360nm) dB 35
4.2 RL (1460nm-1560nm) dB 35
4.3 RL(1560nm-1570nm) dB 20
4.4 回损(REFLECT BAND) dB 0 1.0
5 (1260nm-1600nm) dB 0.2
7 Max Optical Power Handling dBm 27
8 Plug Times 500
9 connector type           ( Input/Output) SC/APC Male & SC/APC Female

Ord Infomation

Product Feature:
⚫ Grating embedded in the optical fiber, not affected by environmental pollution;
⚫ High reliability, long life;
⚫ Has a high reflectivity (higher than 99.5%) to the band that needs to be prevented, which is close to total reflection;
⚫ Accurate wavelength control for the reflection band (1572nm~1582nm);
⚫ The transition zone at the edge of the bandpass is very narrow (less than 2nm).
⚫ Use standard universal adapter structure, easy to plug;

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