SC Fiber Optic Transparent Design Adapter


  • Snap-in design
  • Push-pull latching mechanism
  • 2.5 mm ceramic ferrule
  • Compact square shape
  • Compatibility with other connectors
  • Transparent design (for transparent SC adapters)


  • FTTX networks
  • Video delivery over RF signals
  • High-density environments
  • Fiber-optic routing gear

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

Introducing the Fibconet SC Fiber Optic Adapter, a superior solution that perfectly merges functionality, aesthetics, and performance.

This adapter is expertly constructed using high-strength PC materials, renowned for their excellent flame-retardant properties.

The design features a simplex split-body with flanges, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Transparent Design Adapter Transparent Design Adapter

Our adapter’s transparent design is more than just a visual appeal.

It reflects Fibconet’s strict adherence to using high-quality raw materials and offers several significant advantages:

  • Visual Connection Inspection: The adapter’s transparency allows users to visually inspect the connection status. This feature simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, offering a more user-friendly experience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The transparent design adds an aesthetic touch that some users might find visually appealing. This can be particularly impactful in environments where the network infrastructure is on display.
  • Color-Coding: In multi-fiber network environments, the transparent SC adapter clearly displays the color of the fiber cables. This feature facilitates easier identification and management of different connections.

As an SC adapter, it performs the standard function of connecting two fiber optic cables or optical devices, allowing for fast, reliable, and high-quality data transmission.

The Fibconet SC Fiber Optic Adapter can support single-mode and multi-mode fiber types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network environments.

Choose the Fibconet SC Fiber Optic Adapter for a seamless blend of performance, transparency and design.

Experience the benefits of visual connection inspection, aesthetic appeal, and enhanced color-coding for your fiber optic connections.

Transparent Design Adapter

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