Optitap Type B LC Waterproof Connector


Deploying optical fiber in plant distribution networks has never been more cost-effective and efficient than with Optitap waterproof connector.

We understand the need for fast and reliable installations, which is why our assemblies offer unparalleled speed compared to traditional field methods.


  • Outdoor telecommunications
  • FTTx Projects
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Marine and submarine communications
  • Industrial automation
  • Mining operations

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

With our easy one-step connection system, you can easy finishi setups. Optitap waterproof connector feature a combination of push-pull insertion and nut-style mechanical latch, Ensuring a seamless and secure connection every time. No more hassle or time wasted on intricate configurations.

Choose the cable type that suits your requirements – armored or non-armored. We offer flexibility to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution for your network setup.

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What sets Optitap waterproof connector apart is our focus on customer convenience. We pre-install network access points along the length of the cable, precisely at customer-specified locations. This eliminates the need for additional installation steps and saves you valuable time and effort.

Backed by detailed technical data, testing results and relevant certifications, our products deliver the reliability and performance you can depend on.


waterproof connector1 waterproof connector1

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