4*100G to 1*400G TMUX board FW841

Product Features:

  • Adjustable wavelength for flexible wave division multiplexing
  • Coherent modulation technology: DP-16QAM, DP-8QAM, DP-QPSK
  • Multiple FEC error correction technologies: oFEC, CFEC, SCFEC, SDFEC
  • Flexible service access functions: 100GE, 100GE KR4, OTU4, 100G FlexE
  • Performance monitoring and statistical functions


  • Fiber link 400G business access board
  • Wave division multiplexing transmission
  • Solving the shortage of optical fiber resources
  • Overcoming large loss of optical fiber lines

Additional information

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The FW841 is a 4*100G to 1*400G TMUX board designed for fiber link 400G business access.

It supports the conversion of 4*QSFP28 100G to CFP2 400G, with adjustable CFP2 coherent optical module wavelength.

In conjunction with DWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer, it enables wave division multiplexing transmission,

thus providing a high-quality solution to the shortage of optical fiber resources and high-loss transmission lines.

Key Specifications

  • Conversion: 4*QSFP28 100G to CFP2 400G
  • Wavelength: Adjustable, supporting up to 400G 75GHz * 64 waves or 400G*100Ghz 48 waves, 200G 50GHz * 96 waves
  • Modulation Technology: Flexible coherent modulation technology including DP-16QAM, DP-8QAM, DP-QPSK


  • Coherent Transmission: The single board supports 4100G to 1400G coherent transmission, enabling single-channel 400G line-side transmission.
  • Flexible Modulation Technology: The FW841 uses flexible coherent modulation technology, including DP-16QAM, DP-8QAM, DP-QPSK.
  • FEC Error Correction: The board supports multiple FEC error correction technologies like oFEC, CFEC, SCFEC, SDFEC.
  • Flexible Service Access: The board supports flexible service access functions including 100GE, 100GE KR4, OTU4, and 100G FlexE.
  • Performance Monitoring: The FW841 supports comprehensive performance monitoring and statistical functions.
  • Advanced Monitoring Functions: The board supports Ethernet RMON performance statistics, LLDP monitoring, constellation diagram monitoring, DM delay and PRBS detection functions, OTN PM and SM performance statistics and other functions.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The FW841 supports real-time monitoring of high-precision board temperature, voltage, current, and power consumption.
  • Multiple Interface Types: The client side supports multiple module interface types including 100GSR4/CWDM4/LR4/PSM4.
  • Unified Network Management Platform: The board supports a unified network management platform, with various network management methods including SNMP, CLI, Web, and NMS (graphical interface).

In essence, the FW841 TMUX board offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for 400G business access.

It provides robust performance monitoring, advanced modulation technology, and flexible service access.

Ord Infomation

Parameters Describe
Maximum capacity of single board 4*100G two-way transmission 4*100G one-way transmission
Wavelength (frequency) range DWDM:1529.16mm-1567.14nm(191.3THz-196.05THz)
Adjustment method DP-QPSK@100G; DP-16QAM@200G; DP-8QAM@200G; DP-QPSK@200G;

DP-8QAM@300G: DP-16QAM@400G

Line side protocol Open ROADM/Open ZR+/SCFEC
Dispersion tolerance ±40000ps/nm@100G
OSNR Tolerance <11.5dB@100G DP-QPSK:<18.5dB@200G DP-8QAM;<21.5dB@200G DP

16QAM;<14dB@200G DP-QPSK;

Service access type 100GE、100GE KR4、OTU4和100G FlexE
Board size 81(W)x39(H)x218(D)(mm)
Environmental requirements Operating temperature -5℃~45℃
Storage temperature -40℃~85℃
Relative humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
Product Size 101(W)x41(H)x230(D)(mm)
Power consumption <80W


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