Tool Free Installation ADSS Cable TPR Suspension Clamp


  • TPR soft rubber fixing
  • No-tool installation
  • Broad cable diameter accommodation
  • Multiple cable clamping
  • Exceptional mechanical tensile strength


  • FTTx
  • Installation and support of ADSS round optical fiber cables
  • Suspension of optical cables on transmission lines

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Get The Files Related to This Product

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Product Details

The ADSS Suspension Clamp is a crucial component for the installation and support of ADSS round optical fiber cables.

Its construction is best combination of a TPR plastic insert and a durable galvanized steel shell, ensuring a tight grip and damage-free suspension of optical cables.

The TPR soft rubber fixing method offers stability and safety to the cables during the setup on transmission lines.

Advanced Features for Reliable Cable Management

  • TPR Soft Rubber Fixing: Utilizes a special TPR soft rubber for securing the cable, which prevents slippage. Ensures a firm hold without causing harm to the cable.
  • No-Tool Installation: No need for additional tools, saving your time and effort on the field.
  • Broad Cable Diameter Accommodation: The clamp is versatile and suitable for a full range of cable diameters, accepting cables from 5 to 20mm.
  • Multiple Cable Clamping: Clamping even small diameter optical cables , with the ability to hold multiple cables at once.
  • Exceptional Mechanical Tensile Strength: Designed to withstand high levels of mechanical stress, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the installation.

Suspension clamp dimension

The metal hook provided with the suspension clamp facilitates easy pole mounting using stainless steel bands, pigtail hooks, or brackets.

This hook can be customized in stainless steel material upon request, accommodating various installation environments and preferences.

suspension clamp installation

Ord Infomation

  • Carton Size: The external dimensions of the carton are 40x30x20 CM.
  • Carton Weight: Each carton weighs 15.6 KG.
  • Box Quantity: There are 100 PCS of Suspension Clamps in each box.
  • Sub-Packaging: Sub-packs contain 4 PCS each for convenient distribution.
Model Size Material Apply

Cable diameter

Weight Breaking load Warranty Time
XS-C01A 130*70*35 mm TPR+GS 5-8 mm 156 g 3.8 KN 8 year
XS-C01B 130*70*35 mm TPR+GS 8-12 mm 155 g 3.8 KN 8 year
XS-C01C 130*70*35 mm TPR+GS 12-15 mm 152 g 3.8 KN 8 year
XS-C01D 130*70*35 mm TPR+GS 15-20 mm 148 g 3.8 KN 8 year

Suspension clamp packing

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