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Reliability design for 5G services PLC splitter cassette

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In addition to network visibility, network management, and system self-healing, the basic requirements for high network reliability also require network reliability design for key areas in terms of coverage overlap, capacity redundancy, and network backup structure. The following is an analysis of how to ensure the 99.999% network reliability requirement from a design perspective. First of all, it is necessary to consider the redundancy of indoor 5G network coverage, and deploy multiple headend coverage in high-reliability demand areas. When one of the headends fails, the adjacent headends provide signal coverage. Secondly, it is necessary to consider the capacity redundancy of the indoor 5G network. When a single headend cannot provide enough capacity, the adjacent headends have the ability to provide users with capacity and can call on demand at any time. Finally, when designing the network, it is necessary to consider the network reliability from the topological structure. Redundant backup is used for key connections and nodes, and different transmission lines are used for different headends. In this way, when a temporary failure occurs on one transmission line, the adjacent headends are still Services can be provided. In the indoor 5G network deployment stage, both the deployment cost and the impact of the quality of the deployment stage on subsequent daily operation and maintenance must be considered. In the deployment phase, if digital deployment is not adopted, the one-to-one correspondence between the headend and the network management display cannot be guaranteed, and the specific location of the headend cannot be accurately identified, resulting in the lack of implementation foundation for visual operation and maintenance and intelligent operation. Therefore, digital deployment is required in indoor 5G site selection, survey and design, integration implementation, and completion acceptance. PLC splitter cassette PLC splitter cassette
The site selection scheme based on big data technology has been widely used in 4G network deployment. Since 5G traffic is more concentrated indoors, and the traffic volume changes more frequently with time and space, it is necessary to generate a 3D distribution map of services, users, and traffic based on 4G network data, as the main basis for indoor 5G site selection. After selecting a suitable site, it is necessary to use intelligent survey equipment to collect data on site to generate a refined indoor 3D digital map as the input for indoor 5G capacity planning and coverage design. After the design scheme is verified by iterative simulation, the head-end location, routing and connection diagrams that meet the coverage, capacity and reliability requirements are output. All survey, design and simulation information will be recorded in detail in a delivery operation platform to achieve data connection. PLC splitter cassette PLC splitter cassette
During the subsequent integration implementation process, confirm the installation location, wiring routing, and connection relationship according to the digital 3D design drawings, install the corresponding network elements or headends in the specified locations according to the specifications, and record the actual deployment results in the delivery operation. in the platform database. In this way, the consistency of construction and design is ensured, the integrated deployment process is visualized and the quality is controllable, and repeated rectification of construction errors is avoided. PLC splitter cassette PLC splitter cassette
After the system is powered on, configure the design parameters to each headend, import the indoor 3D digital map and actual deployment database information, and the system will dynamically monitor the working status, business volume and user changes of the headend in real time. After running for a period of time, the system will generate network operation indicators and performance reports according to the template to assist the completion and acceptance of the network. PLC splitter cassette PLC splitter cassette
To sum up, only the end-to-end digitalization of the network deployment process and the use of a unified digital integrated deployment platform can realize the data connection in the process of site selection, survey, design, construction, and acceptance, and ensure that the data is unified, accurate, efficient, and high-quality. Indoor 5G network deployment lays a solid foundation for efficient and intelligent operation and maintenance. PLC splitter cassette PLC splitter cassette

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