Security isolation requirements for network slicing Dwdm fiber optic cable

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Network slicing needs to provide an isolation mechanism between different slice instances to prevent the resources in this slice from being illegally accessed by network nodes in other types of network slices. For example, a patient in a medical slice network only wants to be accessed by doctors connected to this slice network, but does not want to be accessed by people in other slice networks. There is also a need for isolation between network slices of the same service type. For example, when different enterprises use slice networks of the same service type, they do not want service resources within the enterprise to be accessed by network slice nodes of other enterprises. dwdm fiber optic cable dwdm fiber optic cable
The effect of isolation and protection of services, resources, and data in network slicing should be close to the user experience of traditional private networks, so that users can safely store application data originally stored in private networks in the cloud, and users can enjoy You can access private resources anytime and anywhere without worrying about the security of these resources, so as to promote the healthy and rapid development of various vertical businesses. When operators divide network functions into different network slices according to different services, they need to consider whether to perform authentication and authorization within the slice, and how to perform the authentication and authorization within the slice. When some functions of slice management are opened to third parties, it is also necessary to consider which authentication and authorization functions can be opened to third parties, and the integration of primary authentication and authorization controlled by operators and secondary authentication and authorization controlled by third parties mechanism. dwdm fiber optic cable dwdm fiber optic cable
Data Integrity and Confidentiality In the 5G network, there are still security threats such as eavesdropping and tampering on the wireless air interface. The security problems existing in the access network mainly come from the wireless air interface. The information of the air interface is transmitted on the wireless channel, and the intruder can easily capture the wireless signal of the mobile phone terminal or the base station, thereby illegally obtaining or tampering with the information sent by the user and the network. dwdm fiber optic cable dwdm fiber optic cable
In addition, network domain security is an important part of 5G network security. User information is transmitted in clear text within the 5G network domain and between different network domains. User information may be eavesdropped, and some users’ confidential data may be stolen in the network domain. It will have a great impact on information security. Since the network domain uses Internet technology to connect, it may be threatened by viruses, attacked by hackers, and the transmitted data may be modified or obtained by unauthorized persons. Therefore, information protection, boundary protection, and virus protection between network domain nodes are important security measures to ensure smooth business development. dwdm fiber optic cable dwdm fiber optic cable
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