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Something You May Ignore When Place An Order – Tight Buffered Fiber & Loose Tube

What is loose tight-buffered cable and loose-tube cable?
Something You May Ignore When Place An Order-BP

The topic today is loose-tube and tight-buffered fiber.

So what is loose tight-buffered cable and loose-tube cable?

Here are two pictures for your better understanding:

  1. From the structure:
    Loose-tube fiber contains single or multiple strands of fiber in a single jacket.
    Tight-buffered fiber contains a thick coating of a plastic material that is applied directly to the outside of each individual fiber.
  2. From the usage:
    Loose-tube fibers are designed for harsh outdoor environmental conditions, such as outside-plant installation in aerial, duct and direct-buried applications.
    Tight-buffered fibers are optimal for indoor applications, such as pigtails, optical patch cords,s or fiber jumpers.
  3. Which one do you actually need? What does Fibconet provide?

Fibconet provides options to you, tight-buffered fiber or loose-tube fiber. Tell us your requirement, products do according to your demands.


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