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The necessity of 5G security management wdm fiber project

According to ITU-T’s definition of the communication system FCAPS management model, security management refers to the management system summation of various security mechanisms added to protect the work safety and content security of the communication system. The purpose is not only to ensure that the communication network environment is safe. , and also ensure that the collected security-related information is handled appropriately. Security management includes authentication, authorization, auditing of the management network, and legal access control of internal/external users to network resources, as well as the configuration and management of network firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and security policies. wdm fiber project wdm fiber project
When 5G introduces IT technology, it also introduces the security risks faced by IT, which requires security management. It manages and monitors the network in a unified manner. 5G security management needs to fit the unique security requirements of 5G networks and has unique solutions. The development of 5G network is carried out in the context of ICT convergence, fully absorbing some basic ideas and basic technologies of ICT convergence, such as SDN and NFV. The introduction of ICT technology will inevitably make 5G networks face similar attacks and threats to IT networks, while the introduction of broader application scenarios and virtualization technology has brought about the ubiquity of attack methods and the blurring of security boundaries. Notable Features: wdm fiber project wdm fiber project
(1) Ubiquitous attack methods. The scale of attack sources/targets in the 5G network is rapidly enlarged due to the introduction of the Internet of Things; the attack methods are also expanded due to the diversification of heterogeneous access methods; the attack on the SDN controller may cause the entire network to be paralyzed or hijacked; Cloud computing with NFV virtualization technology will also cause new security issues such as data residue and resource storms. wdm fiber project wdm fiber project
(2) Fuzzy security boundary. Because the physical segmentation of the network has disappeared under the SDN/NFV architecture, the security boundary of internal and external network isolation needs to be redefined; in the cloud environment, multi-tenant sharing of physical resources also leads to the possibility that the services of multiple tenants may run on one computing node. Lack of clear physical boundaries; network interfaces that carry numerous data centers and applications on the access network have no clear security boundaries, resulting in a lack of trust. wdm fiber project wdm fiber project
Considering the possible evolution of the 5G network in the future, the fundamental solution is to implement proactive and comprehensive monitoring and early warning in the 5G network through security management to solve the problem of ubiquitous attack methods; Relational logic reconstructs the security boundary and solves the problem of boundary fuzzification. 5G security management should especially support the above solutions. wdm fiber project wdm fiber project

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