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The role of Fibeconet fiber optic transceivers how does a plc splitter work

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Regarding various faults in the use of fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic transceivers are widely used in solving long-distance transmission, and can solve practical problems in many projects. It is necessary to be familiar with its use. how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work
The role of fiber optic transceivers Since the maximum transmission distance of the commonly used network cable (twisted pair) is very limited, the maximum transmission distance of the twisted pair is generally 100 meters. Therefore, when we are deploying a larger network, we have to use relay devices. Optical fiber is a good choice. The transmission distance of optical fiber is very long. Generally speaking, the transmission distance of single-mode fiber is more than 10 kilometers, and the transmission distance of multi-mode fiber can reach up to 2 kilometers. When using optical fibers, we often use optical transceivers: how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work
If you want to know how to use a fiber optic transceiver, you must first know what the fiber optic transceiver does. Simply put, the role of the fiber optic transceiver is the mutual conversion between optical signals and electrical signals. The optical signal is input from the optical port, and the electrical signal is output from the electrical port (common RJ45 crystal connector), and vice versa. The process is roughly as follows: convert the electrical signal into an optical signal, transmit it through an optical fiber, convert the optical signal into an electrical signal at the other end, and then connect to routers, switches and other equipment. Therefore, fiber optic transceivers are generally used in pairs. For example, the optical transceiver in the computer room of the operator (Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom) and the optical transceiver in your home. If you want to build your own local area network with fiber optic transceivers, you must use them in pairs. how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work
For example: For example, if the distance between some access layer switches and core switches is long, a transition switch can be added between the access layer switches and the core layer switches for relay. This will extend the distance. We know that the transmission distance of the network cable is 100 meters, so what if the distance is farther? For example, seven or eight hundred meters, or even farther, then do not use switches as relays, you can use a pair of optical fiber transceivers, one is connected by a network cable next to the core layer switch, and the other is adjacent to the network cable next to the access layer switch. The two optical fiber transceivers are connected by optical fiber. how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work
However, it should be noted that single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber issue. If it is a single-mode fiber, the transceiver must also be single-mode, only one fiber is needed, and there is no need to consider the length of the distance within a few kilometers, because the single-mode fiber transmission distance is relatively long. If it is a multimode fiber, the transceiver must be a multimode fiber, a pair of fibers, the distance is less than 500 or 600 meters, and the distance is more than 2 kilometers. how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work
Then there may be a question, whether to use single-mode or multi-mode? Add the difference here In fact, there is no difference between good and bad, only the use is different. Multi-mode fiber is mostly used for communication between short-distance building wiring rooms and between core equipment and core equipment. The advantage is that the communication bandwidth is large, and it supports 10 Gigabit. The disadvantage is that The transmission distance is shorter than that of single-mode fiber. how does a plc splitter work how does a plc splitter work

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