The role of the fibre optic splice enclosure

Do you know why the fiber splice enclosure is so important

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The importance of the fibre optic splice enclosure

A fibre optic splice enclosure is a piece of equipment that must be used in the construction of a fibre optic cable line. Once the box is damaged, or if water leaks due to various weather conditions, the internal fibre optic cable will inevitably be damaged. For example, in the event of a water leak, it is very easy to freeze the cable in cold weather, which will directly affect the use of the fibre optic cable.

This is why a splice enclosure needs to be of a very high quality – note that “high” in this case does not mean tough, but rather that it needs to have a variety of durable qualities, such as being able to withstand extremely high or low temperatures, being impact resistant to IK10+ and meeting the IP68 rating (the highest level of the connector waterproofing standard). It also needs to be extremely well sealed, insulated, resistant to alkali and salt corrosion and ageing, and resilient to the elements.

Composition of a cable splice enclosure

The sealing method of the splice enclosure is mainly mechanical, heat shrinkable, breathable and gel, etc. The sealing strength directly affects the safety performance of the internal optical cable. The connection is divided into straight, divergent (i.e. 2 into 2 out, 4 into 4 out and other designs) jointing two ways, the installation is mostly wall-mounted, overhead, pipeline, buried and other laying methods, widely used in our life

The structure of the box consists of four parts: shell, internal components, seals and fusion fiber tray. The housing provides protection, the internal components provide support and the fusion tray provides the perfect place for the optical fibres to “line up”. The layout of the internal fibres is also very important, requiring strong flexible cabling so that the fibres can be transferred between trays to meet the conditions for optical signal transmission. If the fusion of optical fibres is not standardised, the fibre arrangement is very confusing, or even bent around in a messy way, which is an obstacle to the transmission of optical signals.

Style of fibre optic splice enclosure

At present, the type of splice box is divided into cap type, horizontal (Hafur type), flip page and other styles, these styles have been constantly reformed and improved, the design of the inlet and outlet of the cable is also a lot of, very convenient to use.

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