What are the characteristics of the new digital room distribution system Passive optical splitter

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The new digital room distribution network has the following characteristics: active antenna head-end, transmission network cable/optical fiber, visualization of operation and maintenance, and business diversification. These features just meet the requirements of 5G indoor network. passive optical splitter passive optical splitter
a. Active antenna head-end In order to meet the requirements of 5G indoor network supporting eMBB service 20Gbps experience peak rate and 10Mbps/m2 traffic density, 5G indoor network needs at least 100MHz or even larger network bandwidth, and can support MIMO large-scale deployment to improve the network Spectral efficiency, which requires 5G networks to support high frequencies such as C-band and mmWave At the same time, through dynamic cell splitting, multi-carrier aggregation and high-order modulation technologies, it can flexibly meet the needs of tidal phenomena in the regional and time distribution of network traffic, and achieve an individual user experience level of more than 100Mbps per capita. Passive antennas are difficult to meet the appeal requirements, The 5G indoor network needs to deploy active radio frequency head-ends, support end-to-end high and low frequency networking, and support massive MIMO. passive optical splitter passive optical splitter
b. Transmission network cable/fiberization Facing 5G evolution, the indoor network architecture needs to have the ability to rapidly introduce 5G NR evolution, enable new 5G mobile services by rapidly superimposing 5G NR modules, and form a converged LTE and 5G NR network within a period of time to provide ultimate experience services similar to 5G networks . However, traditional RF cables and indoor coupling devices do not support 5G NR new frequency bands, such as C-band and MM millimeter-band, and need to be redeployed, and the cost of redeploying new RF cables indoors is very high, and there is even no space in some places. Failed to deploy. Therefore, operators need to start deploying large-bandwidth, lightweight transmissions indoors, such as network cables, optical fibers, etc., to replace cumbersome RF cables and avoid repeated investment in the future. passive optical splitter passive optical splitter
c. Operation and maintenance visualization Different from traditional outdoor networks, the on-site deployment of indoor network equipment requires coordination with property owners, and the installation and commissioning process is complicated, and on-site maintenance costs are high. Therefore, rapid network deployment and visual operation and maintenance have become the basic requirements of 5G indoor networks. The indoor network with visual operation and maintenance can monitor the working status of massive headends and other network element equipment in the indoor network in real time, and use the advanced Mobile AI technology to automatically self-optimize the distribution of network resources according to the surrounding channel conditions and user density. It can automatically diagnose and heal when the network fails, and minimize manual intervention to reduce operation and maintenance costs, thereby greatly saving operators’ OPEX and protecting customers’ network investment. passive optical splitter passive optical splitter
d. Business Diversification With the development of mobile Internet and wireless communication technology, people’s demand for services is no longer simple voice and SMS services. New services such as high-definition video, wireless VR/AR, indoor precise positioning, navigation, and big data analysis will be developed. Trend, indoor mobile network needs to have the ability to provide these diversified services. Taking indoor precise location positioning as an example, the traditional DAS cell-level positioning range is 50 meters to 100 meters, while the positioning accuracy of the digital indoor sub-system is 5-7 meters or even higher. A platform for application development of third-party mobile services (including location-based services LBS services). passive optical splitterpassive optical splitter
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